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Aura Glass
No-Spill Aerating Wine Glass

Glass spins on a stainless steel ball · A decanter you can drink from · Steel ball provides stability

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A spill-proof wine glass that looks as good as it is enjoyable to sip from. Each glass spins on a stainless steel ball, aerating wine—sip by sip—without spilling a drop. (It looks pretty cool, too.) Want to slow things down? Oak coasters hold a glass upright and still. Made in the USA.

  • Made in the United States
  • Made in the USA: Glasses: Millville, NJ; Coasters: Yarmouth, ME
  • Designed to create a decanter you can drink from
  • Perfect angle allows for an easy 360¬∞ swirl just with a touch of a finger
  • High grade silver stainless steel ball provides stability even with a full pour
  • Features fine sheer rim


Pivot glass on the stainless steel ball bearing to swirl and aerate wine or spirits to release flavor & aroma


14 oz


Two glasses, two coasters


4.5" x 5" diameter


0.8 lb


Glass: Lead-free glass, stainless steel ball; Coaster: Oak wood


Hand wash only


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Aura Glass

Aura Glass’s spill-proof wine glass is truly a labor of love. Makers Ankana and Keven Carpenter—a married couple with a passion for wine—witnessed too many painful spills when their friends would knock over wine glasses. So they applied their engineering degrees and creative minds to designing a solution. Their patented Aura Glass fulfills without spills. Each glass spins all the way around with the touch of a finger, creating an aerating experience that’s as satisfying to view as it is to smell and taste. Made in Millville, New Jersey, a glass balances on a stainless steel ball and keeps every drop intact—even when holding a full pour. Getting dizzy? Oak coasters made in Yarmouth, Maine, fit the unique glasses perfectly and hold them upright.

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