6Sense Technology Tempered Glass

By Avant Guard

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More than a screen protector that protects against scratches and falls, this tempered glass acts as a touchscreen extender. That means it magically moves functions from the screen’s top corners to the bottom—on either side of the home button. Those invisible buttons are easily within thumbs’ reach. Now using your iPhone with one hand is no problem.

  • Materials: 9H hardness tempered glass
  • Care: Clean with microfiber cloth (included)
  • Provides easy, one-handed access to ‘top screen’ functions
  • Made with Olephobic coating to prevent fingerprint smudges and repel oil
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass provides unobstructed view of phone screen
  • Bubble-­free adhesive allows for easy, seamless installation
  • Glass made in Japan, cut in China
  • Note: 6Sense may limit touch response in upper corners of display, and is not recommended for use by heavy mobile gamers
  • Dimensions: 1.37" x 5.13"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb.

9 Reviews (2.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Isn't this already a built-in function,

8/22/2017 by Crystal

In order to tap the top option buttons (in order to go back or edit for most cases) with just one hand, you can just double-tap the home button and the entire screen will move down for you to tap the top menu without having to change your holding position. Obviously, you double-tap the home button again to move the screen back to normal mode.

I didn't use this product and only saw this product on this post. Based on the description I'm reading here, I realized that either many people might not know about the built-in function here or I'm missing something in the product...
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A back button for an iPhone

6/30/2016 by Pete

When switching from Android to iPhone I really have missed the back button. This is like getting a back button back. Ready to use and usually doesn't get in the way. The only reason I give it 4 vs 5 stars is that sometimes, when there are three or more buttons at the top of the screen, and they're really close together, it can be difficult to select the right one.More > < Less


Works with flaws

5/16/2016 by Andrew

The screen works very well as advertised, however, design flaws seem to cause other issues. At the top right and left, it becomes very difficult to hit buttons that are slightly to the right/left of the "invisible buttons". When trying to hit these buttons it will not register or is very difficult to make register. I've experience it with many apps, but to name a few, the ebay app and the yahoo sports app. They have arrows to go back with sit to the right of the menu button. So trying to hit back is basically impossible to do. The touch just will not register. This isn't a huge deal for me as i just work around it, but it is a major flaw. The screen works great for me though. Having smalls hands allows me to utilize this screen quite often and has been great. The flaw i mentioned does drive me nuts at times.More > < Less


Works as advertised, diminishes screen response

4/18/2016 by Rick

Even in my slim elago plastic case, the invisible buttons works reliably. However, I've noticed diminished response on the upper corners of the screen where the invisible buttons are linked. So, I either have had to press repeatedly or switch over to the invisible buttons if all else fails.

Also, since this is my first glass cover, I realized that the cover can crack (and has cracked) from impacts that didn't affect my previous plastic covers. It's also thicker than my previous covers so there's more of a lip between the home button and the screen.

Love the concept and hope new generations address the screen response issue.
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9/18/2017 by Vernon

It worked, buttons bright down, BUT, it also blocked other operations too. Took it off after 3 days!!! Gain something, lose something!!! Not, lose something!!!

Not for me!!!
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This screen protector does things yours doesn't.

About Avant Guard

One-Hand Phone

No more overstretching your thumbs. This touchscreen extender lets you access functions from the bottom of your phone instead of the top.
The tempered glass screen protector creates invisible buttons on your iPhone by adding a touch-sensitive layer on top of the screen. Those buttons transport functions from the upper corners of the screen down to one on each side of the home button—just by tapping the white space. Now any app you use that has those top buttons—like email, Instagram, or notes—is much simpler to use.
Your hand creates the conductivity that powers the touch sensitive technology, so you need to be holding your phone for it to work. On top of the invisible button magic, an Olephobic coating helps prevent fingerprint smudges, and the glass is scratch-resistant. It’s easier to use your iPhone—especially one-handed—with the functions you want easily within thumbs’ reach.