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Multi-Position Ski Board

Multi-Position Ski Board

by Axiski

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  • Multi-terrain ski-board for frost, snow, and sand
  • Can be used standing, sitting, or lying down
  • Smooth HDPE plastic allows board to glide easily, no need to run to gain momentum
  • Features foot grips to support stability, inverted runners for extra rigidity, and curved edges to aid steering while standing
  • Longboard construction fits up to two people while sitting, great for parent and child
  • Flexible board molds to terrain allowing more freedom to glide
  • Always wear safety gear and comfortable footwear on slopes
  • One size suitable for children and adult use
  • Please note: For gentle slopes and inclines only, do not use on mountain peaks or high jumps. Not recommended for children under 3 years old. All children under the age of 10 should be supervised by an adult when in use
  • Warning: Do not use your hands to steer while sitting or lying down and keep arms as close to your body as possible. Always head straight, making sure your path is free of obstacles
  • Made in the United Kingdom
HDPE plastic board, nylon
Hand wash with water and soap if needed
One multi-position ski-board with nylon cord for added support and steering while standing
46.2” x 14.7” x 0.2”
3.527 lbs
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4.5 avg. (19 reviews)

The Kids Loved It!
01/16/2020 by Evelyn
My three young (11, 8 & 3) could hardly wait to get outside to try out the snow board. Interestingly, their father loved it too. The Grommet really made me a super popular grandmother at Christmas this year.
Grandkids LOVE these!
12/26/2019 by Deb
I bought 2 black ones last year for my grandsons. This year I was excited to see the bright cheery colors for my granddaughters who were now 6 and 8 and ready to have their own after seeing their brother/cousins having so much fun on theirs. Now if we'd just get some snow here in Michigan! We have not tried them on dry ground as the description suggests you can, but for the snow they are awesome!
Grandkids love this board
06/26/2019 by Mary
It was a Christmas gift for our grands and they have mastered riding down the hills on the snow. It works for them sitting or standing.
Fun in the snow
03/01/2019 by Leeann
My son really had a good time. He enjoyed trying it out standing, sitting and laying on the board. We just have to wait for better snow to play again. We would buy another or two to share with others.
Kids love it!
02/25/2019 by Justine
Great fun for the kids. Great value for the price! Recommend highly!
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Multi-Position Ski Board

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Ride through frost, sand, and snow while sitting down, standing up, or even with friends. This ski-board is made from super-smooth plastic that takes you on a swift, almost-frictionless journey.


Hop on this ski-board and race through frost, sand, and snow while sitting down, standing up, or even while riding with friends.

Axiski is a multi-terrain, multi-position board made with super-smooth plastic that glides through gentle slopes and inclines with minimal effort. You don’t need to run to gain momentum.

The first prototype consisted of two pieces of laminate flooring stitched together in Dad’s makeshift attempt to entertain his two daughters. Unlike the sleds other kids brought out that snow day, Maker Darren Mather’s sled could carry all three of them and sail smoothly even as the snow melted.

After hitting the drawing board, he came up with a cleaner (non-laminate-flooring) version. With foot grips to give you added traction while standing and snowboard-like curves on the edges to help with steering and direction, Axiski is proof that snow days are the perfect idea incubators. more Their Story