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Ceramic Rice Cooker

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This ceramic rice cooker makes a delicious pot of rice every time. Cordless and compact, it boils on the stove for a few minutes and retains heat as it simmers and sits. Its lid ensures water won’t boil over, while condensation drips down to prevent freshly cooked rice from drying out.

  • Instructions: Rinse rice and then soak in AZUME for 30 minutes before cooking. Once the water is boiling, simmer for 8 minutes and turn off heat. Keep pot closed and allow rice to sit for 12 minutes. See guide and cookbook for more information
  • Cooks up to 2 cups of rice, about 4-5 servings
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children. Do not touch directly with your hands when it is still hot
  • Made in China




One ceramic rice pot and one bamboo rice paddle spoon


7.24'' x 7.09'' x 7.4''


3.18 lbs


Rice Pot: 99% Ceramic, 1% glaze; Rice Spoon: 100% Bamboo


Dishwasher safe


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AZUME comes from award-winning Dutch designer Ben Oostrum, whose travels to Japan and China introduced him to delicious, flavorful rice. He discovered the key was to cook it in a ceramic pot, which he couldn’t find back at home. Ben and his team (including chefs) spent four years working with materials and different shapes before landing on the perfect pot. This ceramic rice cooker is made to serve up perfect pots of rice every time. It doesn’t need electricity, and ceramic naturally retains heat—without making the handles hot to the touch—so a freshly cooked batch will stay warm on the stove. The low-seated lid features special ridges that trap condensation and drip it back down onto the top layer of rice, preventing it from drying out. Ben managed to blend some new touches with a traditional method of cooking, and the results are decidedly delicious.

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