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Moisturizing Foot Mask

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  • Instructions: 15 minute non-peel moisturizing treatment. Use at end of Baby Foot Peel after the peeling is finished or on its own. See full instructions
  • Powered with collagen and hyaluronic acid for immediate hydration
  • Includes 14 natural extracts that absorb into skin for extra smooth feet
  • Please note: If you experience any rash, itching, redness, swelling, irritation, or inflammation, wash your feet and seek medical attention
  • For adult use only, fits women’s size 4-13 or men’s size 4-12
  • Made in Japan
Booties: Plastic; Foot gel: See ingredients below
One pair of plastic booties, 1.2 fl oz (35 ml) of foot gel in each bootie, six pieces of tape
Aqua, butylene glycol, glycerin, peg-60 hydrogenated castor oil, trehalose, hydroxyethylcellulose, parfum, sodium citrate, hydroxypropyl cyclodextrin, citric acid, sodium hyaluronate, soluble collagen, sodiumnitrate, olea europanea oil, sodiumlauramdoglutamide lysne, puerara lobata root extract, hederahelix leaf/steam extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, arctium lappa root extract, chlorella vulgaris extract, citrus limon fruit extract, clematis vitalba leaf extract, equisetum arvense extract, fucusvesiculosus extract, glyoxal, nasturtium officinale leaf/stem extract, salvia officinalis leaf extract, saponaria officinalis leaf extract, spiraea ulmaria flower extract, disodium phosphate, phenoxyethanol, iodopropynl, butylcarbamate, methylparaben, limonene, linalool
12.75" x 0.06" x 7"
0.15 lb

4.5 avg. (4 reviews)

08/17/2019 by Lourdes
I’ve been using Baby Foot for years and I love it! I always have extras lying around because I don’t get this exfoliation from even the best pedicure. Besides that I’m EXTREMELY sensitive with my feet and I can no longer have anyone exfoliate my feet because the tickle is so bad!!! So I just do it at home once or twice a month depending on how bad my feet get and Bam im done.
Foot Mask
07/11/2019 by Sherri
This is very nice but at 5 bucks a foot, it's not something I can do as often as my feet need it and would like to. The product is excellent!
Easy process
06/27/2019 by Megan
These booties make applying a moisturizing foot mask easy. I'm not a huge fan of touching feet.
04/26/2019 by Becky
This really worked! Even my pedicurist was amazed when I went 2 weeks later!
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Moisturizing Foot Mask

Made with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and natural extracts · Nourishes skin and locks in moisture
This foot mask is packed with collagen, hyaluronic acid, and 14 natural extracts that all work together to nourish skin and lock in moisture. Treat feet after you’ve completed a Baby Foot exfoliating mask (and the peeling has stopped) or any time in between treatments to keep feet feeling oh-so soft.
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Baby Foot®

Baby Foot exfoliating masks are a bit of a cult favorite, and for good reason. The treatment removes dry and dead skin from feet layer by layer with very little effort from you.

All you need to do is pull on the booties and kick back for an hour. Rinse off and go about your life—but fair warning: in a few days, that dead skin will start to peel off, bit by bit. It’s a little weird and a lot satisfying. The gel in the booties is packed with natural fruit acids and extracts that target dry skin and break down the desmosomes that hold the layers together. The process will be complete within two weeks and you’ll be left with soft and smooth skin. Go for a moisturizing mask to keep feet in that great-looking condition.

We tried the mask and were impressed with the results. It’s the perfect pre-sandal season step, or a treat for dry feet any time they need a little TLC.