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Weighted Blanket

Gentle soothing pressure Relax more deeply and sleep better Eco-friendlier materials
Independent Maker
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  • Materials: Outside: Double layer of 100% oeko-tex 100 standard certified cotton; Inner lining: 120 gsm polyester; Filling: Lead-free glass microbeads
  • Care: Machine washable and dryer safe (gentle cycle, low heat)
  • Includes: One blanket and a printed insert with a link to download 21 minutes of Tibetan and crystal singing bowl sounds
  • Instructions: Use as a layer under your comforter in bed or as a throw on the couch. Sleeping with the blanket may take getting used to. Try using it on the lower half of the body to start, working up over time. See guide to decide which weight is right for you
  • Perfect for napping, self-soothing, and for sleep at night
  • Breathable cotton for year-round use
  • Quilted stitching keeps the weighted filling securely in place
  • Six discrete hooks can connect to a duvet cover: one on each corner, and on each long side of the blanket
  • Please note: Never use a weighted blanket on someone who is not able to remove it themselves or on small children
  • For ages 6+
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12 lb: 47" x 72" x 2"; 15 and 20 lb: 60" x 80" x 2"
  • Weight: 12, 15, or 20 lbs
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4 avg. (15 reviews)

Love it, sleep deeply now
10/19/2019 by Kay
I own 2 of these now, different sizes. I sleep without waking up several times a night now. For my fibromyalgia, this was a god-send.
finally kept this one
09/22/2019 by LuAnne
I ordered weighted blankets from two other companies and sent them back because they had issues. This one, I kept, and I really like it.
too heavy even with the weight chart
06/26/2019 by Rebecca
Too heavy even with the weight chart
not that comforting
06/14/2019 by Linda
The weight was too great to arrange easily in order to get the the comfort sought from the product. The blanket would have been better if another person assisted to drape and set it.
Wife says it works great.
05/28/2019 by Len
It got here quickly and the wife loves it.
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Weighted Blanket

Gentle soothing pressure Relax more deeply and sleep better Eco-friendlier materials
Curl up with a weighted blanket and let its gentle pressure help you feel calm, relaxed, and secure. The 12 pound blanket is sized to sit on top of a twin-size bed, while the 15 or 20 pound blankets can fit a queen-size bed and are made with soft cotton. The machine-washable blanket gets its weight from glass beads, an eco-friendlier and better-feeling alternative to plastic ones. Quilted stitching keeps the beads from shifting, so weight stays evenly distributed. Pick a 12, 15, or 20 pound blanket depending on your size and sleep position.

Baloo Living

Wanting an escape from her busy life in New York, Baloo Living Maker Elizabeth Grojean traveled to Bali to slow down and reconnect with herself. When she returned to the city, Elizabeth turned to a weighted blanket to recreate that soothing experience. This type of blanket has long been used as a therapeutic tool to ease anxiety and Elizabeth took that calming, relaxing foundation and made it modern (and more eco-friendly) with her fresh take.

Soft, machine-washable cotton wraps around glass beads that provide the gentle weight in Baloo Living’s blankets. The beads are stitched into pockets to prevent them from shifting, so the blanket’s weight stays evenly distributed. These beads are a better choice than plastic ones commonly used, both for the earth and for contouring over the body.

This roomy blanket can cover the top of a twin- or queen-size bed and it comes in three different weights, depending on your size and sleep position. We tried the blanket out and were amazed at the peaceful effect it created and how comfortably secure you can feel just by pulling it on. more Their Story