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Precision Slicing Knife

Cuts perfectly uniform slices · Adjustable guide · Carbon-hardened Japanese steel blade

With this precision slicing knife, you can yield perfect portions of equal thickness, no guesswork needed. From fruits and veggies to meat and cheese, set the adjustable metal guide to your desired slice size and make identical cuts quickly and easily.

  • Instructions: Adjust the cutting guide by loosening the adjustment knob and sliding the guide to desired thickness. Tighten the knob and begin cutting by placing the guide against the end of the item you're slicing. See user guide for more information
  • Serrated, 8.25". Guide bar is 2/3rds the length of the blade
  • Adjustable knife guide for thickness of 1 to 16 mm (1/16‚Äô‚Äô to 1/2‚Äô‚Äô)
  • Ten-year warranty against corrosion
  • Great for fruits, vegetables, breads, cheese, roasts, and other meats
  • Please Note: Keep out of reach of children. For right-handed use only
  • Made in China


14" x 1.75" x 1.5"


0.45 lb


Blade: Carbon-hardened Japanese steel; Cutting guide: Titanium-coated aluminum; Handle: ABS plastic


Dishwasher safe



A BaouRouge knife cuts food with perfect precision. French Maker Pierre-André Divisia’s trusty knife was wearing out after 50 years of service. He found modern replacements were either too expensive or poorly made. Pierre-André decided to recreate his beloved classic knife with modern materials and a few design tweaks. His take is more ergonomic than the knife he used, and it has a longer blade. An adjustable guide helps you get uniform, even cuts. From soft bread to meat and veggies, every slice is the same. How perfect is that?