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Barbecue Apron with Pockets

Heavy-duty adjustable waist belt · D-rings and carabiners for clipping accessories · Grommeted towel

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  • Made in Charleston, South Carolina
  • Some product materials may come from outside the USA. Partial assembly may be done in other states outside of South Carolina.
  • Combines the functionality of outdoor gear with the comfort of quality clothing
  • Features 10 pockets and 5 D-rings to organize and hold your grilling accessories comfortably
  • Grommeted hand towel and 2 carabiners for clipping accessories to the heavy-duty waist belt
  • Adjustable belt that can be sized and adjusted up to 60". Rear panels can be removed or added for preferred waist coverage. Fabric panels allow complete waist coverage of up to 46" only (additional panels sold separately)
  • Sewn with 100% durable, breathable and washable cotton ripstop fabric
Made in the USA


One apron with three rear panels, two mini-clip carabiners, one grommeted logo towel


Apron length: 20"; Belt length: 62"; Fabric waist width: 46"


1.5 lbs


100% cotton ripstop, polypropylene belt, plastic belt clips


The main fabric is made of 100% cotton and is washable. However, there are components (plastic clips and hook and loop) that will shrink or discolor if exposed to sustained periods of high heat. A cold wash with plastic components removed for washing is recommended. Hang dry or run a delicate or light cycle in the dryer. You can also steam out wrinkles. It can be pressed with an iron on low heat. Place a piece of fabric (or the inside of a side panel) between the hot iron and the apron so that the heat from the iron is transferred without damaging or fading the apron fabric


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