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Robot Bartender Smart Cocktail Maker Robot Bartender Smart Cocktail Maker

Robot Bartender Smart Cocktail Maker

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • See manual for use instructions
  • Digital bartender can make over 2,000 cocktail recipes and unlimited custom cocktails
  • Patented Smartbar technology adjusts speed to make your cocktails shaken or stirred
  • Equipped with precise measurement up to one ml to ensure that a drop is never wasted
  • Depressurized system for leak-free process
  • Temperature control system that keeps ingredients cool for up to 12 hours
  • Made in India
Stainless Steel, carbon steel
Activate cleaning mode in the free Barsys app and follow instructions
Five bottle mounts for 750 ml bottles, three canisters for mixers, Smartbar mixer glass, and power cord
App Compatibility
iOS 11 or later, Android 4.4 and up
20" x 14" x 16"
50 lbs
Independent Maker


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Robot Bartender Smart Cocktail Maker

The future of cocktail making has arrived with this state of the art machine that dispenses your favorite cocktails at the click of a button. The machine is controlled by the Barsys app which comes pre-loaded with several cocktail recipes and allows you to design your own cocktails as well. Thermally insulated containers hold temperature for up to 12 hours. Barsys makes the perfect cocktail with the perfect ingredient proportions. Every time.


Barsys is the revolutionary, automatic cocktail machine controlled from an app through your phone or tablet. The machine provides consumers with a futuristic experience to the standard concept of mixology.

The founder, Akshet, began Barsys in his dorm room in 2014. With his passion for mixology and background in robotics engineering, he decided to create a product that would combine the two entities. After years of hard work, he perfected the robotic cocktail maker.

The remarkable machines are not the only thing that makes Barsys stand out. Their mission is to create a community where consumers can create drink playlists, share cocktail recipes, and become inspired by other Barsys consumers. Through Barsys, individuals are being brought together to spread their passion of a modern approach to mixology. more Their Story