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Chimney of Insanity Charcoal Chimney Chimney of Insanity Charcoal Chimney

Chimney of Insanity Charcoal Chimney

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  • Instructions: Fill the chimney with charcoal. Add fuel such as newspaper in the side vent. Light the newspaper on fire to ignite the charcoal. If desired, use in conjunction with the BBQ Dragon Charcoal Grill Fan
  • Patented 90 degree vent lets you add fuel and light from the side without needing to lift up the chimney
  • Starts charcoal faster by letting oxygen flow freely
  • Please note: Designed for charcoal grills only
  • Caution: Chimney gets very hot, use gloves when handling
  • Made in China
Galvanized sheet steel, nylon
Allow to cool before cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth
11" x 11" x 6.6"
2.4 lbs
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5 avg. (2 reviews)

12/30/2019 by Theresa
My husband absolutely loves this little gem!
Gets your charcoal going in no time!
08/02/2019 by Betsy
Bought it to use with the Dragon, and boy, does it ever make a difference in how fast the coals in our grill are ready to cook!
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Chimney of Insanity Charcoal Chimney


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Don’t let the name fool you. This charcoal chimney is a super-smart update of the typical design that helps get fires burning faster and hotter. An elbow-shaped vent allows for better airflow and means you can add your starter from the side—no more lifting a full chimney to light it, and no need for lighter fluid, either.

BBQ Dragon

Brothers George and Bruce Prior started making charcoal grill accessories to do the typical jobs faster and better because they’re both charcoal grill fans, but didn’t love how long it can take to get a fire going.

They created BBQ Dragon with a focus on the fire. The rechargeable grill fan can work together with their charcoal chimney or separately to get a fire going faster than usual. The chimney’s elbow-shaped vent allows for better airflow, which means you get a hotter fire faster without needing lighter fluid. Add the fan to speed things up even more—like, around three minutes compared to the usual 20.

George and Bruce then beefed up grills tools with their heavy-duty designs that streamline functions—a stainless steel tongs-and-spatula combo and a sturdy grill fork with a side tine for quick flips. And if you’re tossing veggies or wings on the grill, the Priors thought of that, too. Their rolling basket holds more than typical ones and cooks things more evenly. more Their Story