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  • Digi-Physical Stacking Game by Beasts of Balance - 1
  • Digi-Physical Stacking Game by Beasts of Balance - 2
  • Digi-Physical Stacking Game by Beasts of Balance - 3
  • Digi-Physical Stacking Game by Beasts of Balance - 4
  • Digi-Physical Stacking Game by Beasts of Balance - 5
  • Digi-Physical Stacking Game by Beasts of Balance - 6
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  • Digi-Physical Stacking Game by Beasts of Balance - 8

Digi-Physical Stacking Game

Full Details

  • Instructions: To stack, choose an artefact, tap against the side of the Plinth and place on top of stack. Each turn, the beast artefacts lose energy, and if they lose too much energy, they die. Element artefacts can be stacked to give beast artefacts a boost and make them evolve into new forms on the app. Cross artefacts make platforms in the tower and populate the world on the app with beast hybrids. Miracle artefacts are even more oddly shaped and create extra challenges in the game. Skills are rewarded with point bonuses. Build the biggest tower possible. If the tower falls, the game gives a few seconds for players to rebuild the tower before the world in the app goes up in flames
  • Combination of digital and physical play creates unique challenges
  • Build the biggest tower possible, filling the app world with beasts
  • Create and discover over 100 fabulous beasts
  • Custom hardware seamlessly links tower to tablet or phone
  • Can play solo or with up to five players
  • Free iOS/Android app required to play
  • Requires three AA batteries (not included)
  • Made in China
ABS plastic with rubber soft touch paint finish
One Plinth, six beast artefacts, two miracle artefacts, three migrate artefacts, three cross artefacts, ten element artefacts, free iOS/Android app, and playing instructions
11.8" x 11.8" x 5.1"
1.8 lbs

5 avg. (1 reviews)

Digi-Physical Stacking Game

starting at $82.00 $99.00

Build a tower and an entire ecosystem of animals in this digi-physical beast balance game. Touch the pieces to the Plinth and they come to life in the game’s app. The goal is to stack all of the pieces on the Plinth and avoid the volcano destroying the world you’ve built. Earn more points by evolving, creating, and migrating animals and adding tough-to-stack pieces to the structure.

Alex Bertie

Create a digital world of never-before-seen creatures and magical “artefacts” in this app-connected beast balance game. Building the tallest tower you can is just part of the challenge. The balancing act extends to a bunch of animals and their personalities.

The Plinth—the game’s physical base—is what you build on. Place a beast (which doubles as a building block) on the Plinth, and it appears on screen in the app. From there, players introduce more beasts, which add complexity. Create hybrid animals for more points. Lower-point earning beasts get jealous of higher-point ones, which make those envious animals drop their points and could cause them to become endangered or even go extinct.

Feeling adventurous? Add in miracle pieces to unlock challenges that boost your points. But be careful—they don’t stack easily. If the structure falls, you’ve got 10 seconds to reconstruct the tower before a volcano explodes and ends the game.

When our first tower fell, we didn’t beat the volcano. But we immediately wanted to see if we could build a better tower, beat our high score, and create a new, creature-inhabited world.