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360-Degree Bed Sheet Holder 360-Degree Bed Sheet Holder

360-Degree Bed Sheet Holder

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  • Refer to the user manual for more information
  • Fits all bed sizes
  • 360-degree design holds sheet in place from every angle
  • Converts a flat sheet to a perfect fitted sheet
  • Attaches quickly and easily
  • Engineered to not harm sheets over time
  • Please note: Keep small parts away from small children
  • Made in China
Scrunchie: Microfiber, parachute cord; Fabric clips: plastic, nylon webbing with chrome
One Bed Scrunchie, eight fabric clips
Machine wash and dry
Bed Scrunchie 7” x 3” x 3”; Clips : 7” x 3” x 1”
0.6 lb
Small Business Support


3.5 avg. (6 reviews)

really works, but difficult with a king size mattress and sheets.
01/18/2020 by Carol
Once I got the scrunchy on and in place, it worked great. But it is not as easy to get on as the website suggests, especially on a king size bed. I know it will get easier as I get used to the process, and it is ingenious. I also wanted it to hold the foot of my top sheet, which tends to come out of tuck even with the "garters" I have tried. There were no instructions for this, and when I emailed them with the question, as they suggested, they did not answer. I think I have figured it out, but it involves lifting the mattress corners, which they specifically say is NOT necessary with this device.
Hard to put on
01/04/2020 by Linda
I had a really hard time getting the fitted king size sheet on the bed with the Bed Scrunchie. Finally got it on and it does work just a lot of pulling and tugging. I was afraid my brand new sheets would rip. Will keep using this product maybe after awhile it will get easier to use.
Tempur-pedic adjustable bed
12/31/2019 by Lana
We have a king size Tempur-pedic adjustable bed and the sheets kept sliding up. So far works like a charm I’ve been using it for about two weeks and the sheets are staying in place nice and tight The product seems very well-made and high-quality Thanks grommet for providing one of a kind neat products :)
No more burrito sheets!
12/29/2019 by Donna
I am very happy to say this item works, as promised. I have tried everything else so I took a gamble on these sheet holders. Which I thought were pretty expense. They are well worth the money.
To much work
12/23/2019 by Marilyn
I used it on for a split king adjustable bed, way to much work! To changing bed.
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360-Degree Bed Sheet Holder

The Bed Scrunchie provides a flawless hotel bed look without the use of sheet straps, sheet suspenders, or bed bands. It clips to the edges of your bed sheet and slides under your mattress effortlessly, without harming your bedding or mattress. Bed Scrunchie is the ideal solution to create the perfect fitted sheet on every bed size.

Bed Scrunchie®

Makers Jack Nekhala and Michael Nusinkis have over a decade of experience in the textile industry. After attempting and failing to get a high quality fitted sheet to fit his own bed properly, Jack experimented by trying a product that claimed to fix this problem. When it didn’t work, he had an "aha!" moment and came up with the straightforward and easy-to-use design for Bed Scrunchie.

It allows you to convert a flat, regular top sheet into a fitted sheet. Likewise, if your sheets are too short, the Bed Scrunchie can serve as a fitted sheet extender. The 360-degree design holds a sheet in place from every angle. There’s no need to lift up the mattress multiple times because it's attached before the fitted sheet gets placed on the mattress. This helpful tool is engineered to hold sheets tight without harming your sheets or your mattress. more Their Story