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All-Purpose Household Wax (Set of 2) All-Purpose Household Wax (Set of 2)

All-Purpose Household Wax (Set of 2)

Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Made in the USA: Rehoboth, MA
  • Comes in a set of 2
  • Has a shelf life of 50+ years
  • 100% natural and chemical-free
  • Does not harm any surface
  • One Bee's Knees puck can offer years of use
  • Great lubricant and polish for almost any surface and project
100% natural, purified, and refined beeswax
2.25" diameter x 0.875"
0.09 lb
Sustainable Living
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4.5 avg. (27 reviews)

Sliding Along!
11/04/2019 by Just a Guy in TX
I live in an older home. I had some wooden drawers that were sticking in my kitchen. I rubbed some Bee's Knees on the sides of the drawers and now everything moves so much easier and quieter as well! So far, I am loving this!!
Works for so many things
11/02/2019 by Patricia
Beeswax is the perfect lubricant. Works on stubborn zippers and sticking drawers.
Several uses.
11/01/2019 by Jennifer
I used the wax on my keys - they work great in the lock. I also use it to lubricate my beading threads.
People get real
08/19/2019 by elaine
The price of this is absuuuurd. I use a beeswax candle I purchased for two dollars at my local Orthodox’s lasted over ten years. I cannot believe anyone would fall for this gimmicky sakes pitch.
Seems to work better than a spray on
07/15/2019 by Richard
Used this Wax round on a sticking door, that I had tried a bee's wax spray on previously. This round is easier to grip and hold and I can see where it is applied.
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All-Purpose Household Wax (Set of 2)

Unstick just about anything with this all-natural household lubricant that's Made in the USA. Works on zippers, sliding doors, drawers and more. Comes in a set of 2.

Bee's Knees Super Wax

From stuck windows to unreliable zippers, many of life’s little annoyances have a common solution: Bee's Knees All-Purpose Household Wax.

Bee's Knees Super Wax founder Linda Mendonca made this discovery organically in her own life. After years of using beeswax to turn zippers from temperamental to smooth-gliding, she decided to try it on a squeaky fan belt. Then on the balky snaps that lined her canvas boat tarps.

Linda just kept finding new uses: tangle-proofing sewing thread, smoothing rusty tools, unsticking slider doors, troubleshooting keys that resist turning, and countless others. She decided to make this 100% beeswax problem solver available to everyone in a convenient, American made bar.

This household lubricant is as simple as it gets: the age-old wisdom of grandmothers now fits in your backpack, purse, or glove box. You’ll quickly discover that this all-purpose fixer is an accessory you can’t do without. more Their Story