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Webbed Paddling Gloves

by Bellyak

Full Details

  • For use in conjunction with the Prone Kayak or Crossover Prone Kayak
  • Materials: 3mm Neoprene, plastic
  • Gloves run slightly large. If you prefer a tight fit, order one size down. For more information on glove sizes, refer to the size guide
  • Titanium insulation layer adds additional warmth and protection for all types of water
  • Mesh skin palms add extra grip and durability
  • Flexible plastic shims between the fingers offer rigidity, yet still allow for plenty of dexterity for carrying and remounting the prone kayak
  • Also makes a great “spare paddle” for kayakers to keep in their boat, or for use while swimming
  • Member of 1% For the Planet: donates 1% of annual sales to help protect the environment
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 10" x 7" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 1 lb


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Webbed Paddling Gloves

by Bellyak

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Make exploring the water on a Bellyak easier—and maybe even more fun—with webbed gloves that give your arm-paddling a boost. The neoprene gloves help you move through the water better and add a layer of insulation, too.
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Bellyak is a prone kayak that makes for a fun new way to explore the water, while also giving you a different perspective. It is built for you to lay on, and is powered by your arms—no paddles needed. The lightweight kayaks are made in North Carolina and have an ergonomic design built to keep you feeling comfortable while you’re maneuvering on the water. There are different styles suited for fresh and salt water, and for different ability levels, too. It’s something both newbies and seasoned kayakers will enjoy trying out. Our CEO, Jules, really enjoyed her time on a Bellyak. After her paddling trip was over, she liked that it gave her a new way to float on the water. Maker Adam Masters created the prone kayak out of necessity after a hurricane hit his area. The high water and low trees meant he couldn’t sit up in his kayak to get to safety. So he duct-taped the spray skirt over the opening and laid down. This DIY-design helped Adam get out, and he liked how it felt to control it with his arms. Twenty-four prototypes later, Bellyak was born.
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