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Fingerprint Travel Lock Fingerprint Travel Lock

Fingerprint Travel Lock

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  • Materials: Die-cast zinc body, hardened steel shackle, lithium-ion battery
  • Care: Spot clean as needed
  • Includes: One Benjilock by Hampton TSA lock, USB charging cord, instructions
  • Instructions: See full instructions on how to add or delete a fingerprint
  • TSA-accepted Travel Sentry lock
  • Can be programmed with up to five fingerprints
  • Built-in LED light indicator for easy programming and operation
  • Uses a unique 3-8 digit programmable code
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Charge lasts for up to 6 months with normal use
  • IP65 enclosure rating, dust-tight and water-resistant
  • Follows and tests to all ASTM standards
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 0.72" x 1.30" x 2.82"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4 avg. (9 reviews)

10/07/2019 by John
This lock made my life so much simpler it is unbelievable. I used to mess around with a combo lock, now all I have to do is fingerprint the lock and BAM! it pops right open. Magnificent find!
Very easy to use
09/05/2019 by Kay
At first I couldn't get it to unlock with my fingerprint until I realized if you touch any number key on the back, it wakes it up and accepts my fingerprint every single time on the first try now. I actually use this on a small bag with my daily medicine in it. I feel comfortable knowing the small grandkids can't get into it that way and I probably open it 4 or 5 times a day. It's so simple now and not hard at all.
Worked Great!
07/18/2019 by Jayne
I used this lock during my travels in France and it worked great! I've already recommended it to many friends and will be using again on my next trip!
Travel Lock
07/16/2019 by Victoria
Unfortunately, I am returning this. I bought it for my father thinking that it would be easier for him to use instead of trying to see the little numbers on his current lock. He found it challenging to program and use. My son, who is very technical and likes this sort of thing, helped him program it. My dad was still having trouble with it. My son told me that he felt it was a little difficult to use. The idea of it is good though.
Benjilock awesome!
06/03/2019 by Claudia
I purchased the Benjilock for my Great nephew's 16th Birthday. He travels, and thought he could also use in school -- college coming soon! He lives out of town, so I sent it in hopes he would use it. He and his mom emailed me hos much they LOVE it, saying it was put into "immediate use!". I know you make the best sturdy well thought out products!! ...but I also love the practicality in terms of wonderful gift-giving!! Thank So Much :) Claudia
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Fingerprint Travel Lock

This fingerprint lock makes it easy to secure your stuff when you're on the go. Biometric technology makes your fingerprint the key that opens the durable pick- and water-resistant lock. Benjilock by Hampton Travel Lock can store up to five fingerprints, is USB rechargeable, and can be opened with a unique, programmable code for extra peace of mind.

Benjilock by Hampton

Robbie Cabral created a fingerprint lock to solve that “where’s-the-key?” hassle and make it easier to secure—and access—your belongings.

Benjilock by Hampton looks like a traditional padlock but built-in biometric technology uses your fingerprint like a key. It can store up to 10 different fingerprints of trusted users (pro tip: make a list) and is USB rechargeable. The lock will last about six months before needing to power up and there is a set of back-up keys to gain access, too.

The strong and durable lock is pick- and water-resistant to help with all sorts of securing jobs. Robbie was at the gym when the idea for a keyless lock struck him. At the gym, at school, or anywhere around the house—Benjilock by Hampton is a smart and easy to use solution. more Their Story

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