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Coastal Wall Décor - 8" x 10"

Coastal Wall Décor - 8" x 10"

Independent Maker

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  • Made in the USA: Westbrook, ME
  • Materials: Birch panel and latex paint
  • Care: Use gentle soap and water on damp fabric cloth. Do not spray or pour cleaning solution directly on product. Do not use rubbing alcohol or household cleaning supplies
  • Includes wall mounting hardware
  • Handcrafted chart is laser engraved showcasing intricate details of each coastline
  • Unique gift for someone who has a special connection to a coastline
  • Note: Renderings are a representation of the final product. White areas are painted and represent water bodies and rivers
  • All pieces are made to order; returns are not accepted
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10" x 1.63"
  • Weight: 3 lbs
Independent Maker


2 avg. (4 reviews)

Such a disappointment...
11/07/2018 by Tracy
I ordered the Big Sur map and was very disappointed with what I got...basically a two color piece of wood with no words ....
10/28/2018 by Ron
Nice but didn't quite meet expectations.
Really nice, but small and pricy
10/18/2018 by Gary
This is a really nice item. I just wish it were a little larger. Also, as with most Grommet offerings, it is very expensive. But it is very nice, and I am happy I bought it.
Background colors make a difference
10/16/2018 by Doug
I received the map of Cape Coral and was very disappointed. The attraction was all the canals in the cape that make the design look great. Unfortunately the background color I selected does not show up and so it looks like a square piece of wood. I contacted the seller and they basically said you got what you ordered. This is true but since you can’t see what it will look like, seems to me they shouldn’t offer choices that don’t translate well on some maps.
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Coastal Wall Décor - 8" x 10"

Products made to order. Please allow for a lead time of 21 days before your order ships.

This coastal wall decor handcrafted in Maine with birch wood features a rendering of a coastal spot from around the country. Pick from over 100 areas from coast to coast. Laser engraving captures all the intricacies of a location in beautiful detail. The finished result is a ready to hang, perfectly presentable gift for anyone with a special connection to a place on the coast.

Benoit's Design Co.

Greg Benoit is the Maker and industrial designer behind this handcrafted coastal wall decor and he’s carrying on a family tradition while helping folks celebrate their favorite locations.

A.H. Benoit & Co. was a staple for Maine communities back in the day and Greg wants his Benoit's Design Co. to make the same impact. So in a renovated mill building along the Presumpscot River in Westbrook, Maine, Greg and his team make beautiful artwork depicting coastal locations—pretty much any one—from around the country. The designs are laser engraved into painted birch wood. The laser captures all the tiny details to give a clear representation of a specific coastal area—including ones in Maine, of course. The result is a beautiful piece of art that looks fantastic and has meaning, which we think makes it a perfect gift for any seaside lover. more Their Story