Coconut Palm Outdoor Broom

By Better!Broom

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This surprisingly sturdy coconut palm broom makes sweeping a breeze. It’s durable enough to work indoors and out, and is made from palm fronds secured with coir (coconut shell fiber) for extra strength. From dirt to leaves and even light snow, this all-season broom is an all-natural, effective new way to sweep up.

  • Materials: Coconut palm frond, coconut coir, coconut shell, wood handle
  • Care: To prolong life of the broom, it is recommended to keep it out of direct sun and rain and/or bring it indoors when not in use. Repeated exposure to sun and rain will cause broom to weather
  • Includes: One coconut palm outdoor broom
  • Sweeps & rakes leaves, gravel, sand, snow, pine needles, cracks, and crevices
  • Works on all kinds of rough surfaces including tile, brick, and concrete
  • Intended for outdoor use in all seasons
  • Made from sustainable, all natural, eco-friendly resources
  • Handmade from coconut palm ribs and woven together with durable coconut coir
  • Heavy duty and lightweight
  • Sleek design that can be used as a decorative accessory when not in use
  • Made in Sri Lanka
  • Dimensions: 55" x 13" x 2.5"
  • Weight: 2 lbs

65 Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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Does the job

6/2/2019 by David

Mine seems to have somewhat fewer bristles than pictured but they're thicker. At any rate, it works great for sidewalks, wood decking, slate patio and asphalt.More > < Less


Great product

5/17/2019 by Julie

Second one I have bought. This one is for a gift


I love my broom

4/17/2019 by Signe

My broom sweeps pine needles and leaves off my porch and lawn just like I want it to. Love this broom. So I ordered one for my sister too.


Very useful

3/7/2019 by Virginia

This broom seems to be tougher for all outside jobs than any of the other brooms I've had (and believe me, I've had lots) and it won't bend when I stand it upright.More > < Less



3/5/2019 by Marki

This broom really works on rough surfaces. Swept out the garage faster and better than any broom I have ever used. It is too stiff for indoors, but that is what makes it so useful outdoors. I got it to clean pollen and dirt off the deck, which is hard to sweep, and although I haven't used the broom for that yet (it's winter), I'm sure it will do a great job in the spring, summer and fall. I bet it would work well sweeping leaves, too.More > < Less

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Better!Broom | Coconut Palm Outdoor Broom

About Better!Broom

Sturdy Sweeper

Better!Broom is a sturdy coconut palm broom inspired by similar versions long used around the world. During a trip to China, Maker Susan Albrecht noticed locals sweeping up outside using rustic-looking brooms. The simple-but-effective design stayed with her, and when she couldn’t find it back home in the States, she created a better (and all-natural) way to sweep up.

The brooms are handmade with strong, flexible coconut tree palm fronds. The coconut coir (fiber from the husk) ties give extra durability, too. The result is a lightweight broom that can handle heavy sweeping jobs, while standing up through years of outdoor use, too. From dirt and debris to leaves and even light snow, sweeping with this earth-friendly (and attractive) broom is indeed altogether better.