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Retractable Phone Charger

31-inch, flat cable retracts · No tangles · Charges two devices up to twice as fast

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A retractable USB charger solves frayed, twisted, and tangled cable problems. The 31-inch, fast-charging flat cable extends just as long as you need it and retracts when you don’t. Able to charge up to two devices, this charger is easy to take with your wherever you go—it has retractable prongs and even a clip to attach it to your bag.

  • Retractable cord prevents tangles
  • Prongs collapse for compact design and easy storage
  • Durable case protects cord when retracted and not in use
  • Made in China


2.1 Amp quick charge




One charger with 31" retractable cord with one USB port for another device


1.2" x 2.6" diameter


0.2 lb


Plastic, electrical components


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BibiCharger makes recharging devices fast, easy, and neat. Maker Joanne Loewen didn’t like the untidy look of the charging cables on the kitchen counter when her daughter Bianca (also known as Bibi) was using the tablet. A tape measure nearby inspired Joanne to make a solution that would be just as flexible. This retractable charging cable keeps devices juiced without a cord jumble. The flat cable extends as short or long as you need it, up to 31 inches. The extra USB port allows for two devices—iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet—to get powered up simultaneously and up to two times faster, thanks to a higher amp charger. Need to hit the road? The prongs fold down for easier portability, letting the charger fit in your pocket or purse. It even comes with a keychain so you can clip it onto your bag.

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