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Plus Size Myphone Plus Size Myphone

Plus Size Myphone

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  • Materials: Nylon microfiber
  • Care Instructions: Spot clean with hand soap if needed, lay out to air dry
  • Zippered coin compartment on front
  • Six pockets that each fit 1-2 plastic cards
  • Two clear pockets—perfect for ID cards
  • Two extra large pockets, great for passports
  • Divided billfold pockets even accommodates foreign currency
  • Cell phone pocket holds phone in securely with elasticized strap
  • Designed with durable, water-resistant material with special non-slip backing
  • Big enough to fit Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, iPhone 5, and most Otterbox cases
  • 10x thinner and lighter than leather and 100% vegan
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Wallet: 6.12" x 4.12" / Cell Phone Pocket: 6.12" x 3.75"
  • Weight: 0.19 lb.


4.5 avg. (118 reviews)

Love them!
08/26/2019 by Elvira
Bought this and the other Big Skinny wallet (with out the phone pocket) at the same time. I use this one all the time! But even better I love taking it out for the evening! Plenty of room for cards, ID, four pockets for cash or other necessary items, like event tickets, and it even has a change pocket and a wrist-let so you can take it on the dance floor and not worry about leaving it on the table. I haven't tried yet, but just hope the phone pocket will fit my new Samsung S 10 Plus Note. It's about 1/2" longer than my old Samsung and it was a tight fit. Not only do I love this wallet, but I bought my daughter one and she carries it everyday. And I bought another for a friend who was in love with mine.
It is skinny!
08/17/2019 by Paula
Very nice wallet. I don't always use the phone case portion for my phone, but my Samsung Galaxy 7 edge will fit. I put everything in my wallet that I normally carried and it was thinner--much thinner! I really like this wallet. It does have an odd smell that hasn't yet dissipated, but I'm sure it will in time. Very light weight as well.
Big skinny review
01/21/2019 by Michele
Got this in a short period of time. I've been enjoying it since I got it.
01/06/2019 by Elvira
The perfect phone / wallet. I used it for NYE so I could take it on the dance floor with me if needed an not have to worry about my phone and credit cards / cash coming up missing in a crowed club. I did have to change phone covers as the first one I had on was a little to tight to get the phone out easily.
Fits plus
12/02/2018 by Dina
Fits my 8+. Nice to have a small bag instead of something cumbersome. Just wish I didn't need to take out of its hard protective case to use wallet. If a few mm larger I could switch back and forth. These new phones are ALL GLASS......BAD concept as far as Apple is concerned.... I WOULD RECCOMEND
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Plus Size Myphone

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Big Skinny Wallets are sleek performance wallets that are great for travel or everyday use. Thinner and lighter than leather and other materials, they are smartly designed for functionality and storage, and are machine washable, too.

Big Skinny

Good looking, slim, and functional. That’s the story behind every Big Skinny wallet. Sleek and silky to the touch, the durable nylon micro-fiber shrinks the space needed by a traditional wallet. Its material is at least five times thinner than leather, meaning a Big Skinny is just 1/10 the thickness of a folded leather wallet.

Founder Kiril Stefan Alexandrov, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spent years searching for the perfect thin wallet and came up empty. He wouldn’t rest until he developed one himself. He tested fabric after fabric--more than 75 combinations--until he found “the one.”

Big Skinny’s advanced nylon micro-fiber is durable, looks beautiful, and has a satiny feel. Kiril was inspired by an Italian luxury fashion house, who used a similar fabric for their globally popular tote bags.

On top of their aesthetic attributes, Big Skinny wallets are water resistant and machine washable, too. Kiss your bulky billfold goodbye, and your pocket or purse will thank you. more Their Story

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