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Plus Size MyPhone

Full Details

  • Zippered coin compartment on front, six pockets that each fit 1-2 plastic cards, two clear pockets that are perfect for ID cards, two extra large pockets that are great for passports, divided billfold pockets to accommodate foreign currency, cell phone pocket with elasticized strap to hold phone in securely
  • Designed with durable, water-resistant material with special non-slip backing
  • Big enough to fit Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, iPhone 5, and most Otterbox cases
  • 10x thinner and lighter than leather and 100% vegan
Nylon microfiber
One Plus Size MyPhone
Spot clean with hand soap if needed. Lay out to air dry
Wallet: 6.12" x 4.12"; Cell Phone Pocket: 6.12" x 3.75"
0.19 lb

4.5 avg. (121 reviews)

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Plus Size MyPhone


100% vegan leather · Water-resistant · Non-slip backing
Big Skinny Wallets are sleek performance wallets that are great for travel or everyday use. Thinner and lighter than leather and other materials, they are smartly designed for functionality and storage, and are machine washable, too.
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Kiril Stefan Alexandrov

Good looking, slim, and functional. That’s the story behind every Big Skinny wallet. Sleek and silky to the touch, the durable nylon micro-fiber shrinks the space needed by a traditional wallet. Its material is at least five times thinner than leather, meaning a Big Skinny is just 1/10 the thickness of a folded leather wallet. Founder Kiril Stefan Alexandrov, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spent years searching for the perfect thin wallet and came up empty. He wouldn’t rest until he developed one himself. He tested fabric after fabric—more than 75 combinations—until he found “the one.” Big Skinny’s advanced nylon micro-fiber is durable, looks beautiful, and has a satiny feel. Kiril was inspired by an Italian luxury fashion house, who used a similar fabric for their globally popular tote bags. On top of their aesthetic attributes, Big Skinny wallets are water resistant and machine washable, too. Kiss your bulky billfold goodbye, and your pocket or purse will thank you.