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CampStove 2 - Wood Fueled Generator CampStove 2 - Wood Fueled Generator

CampStove 2 - Wood Fueled Generator

by BioLite

Small Business Support
Sustainable Living

Full Details

  • Generates usable electricity and heat for both cooking and charging LED lights, phones, and other personal devices
  • Fuel: Renewable biomass only; This includes sticks, wood scraps, or pellets
  • 2600 mAh Integrated battery charges devices with or without a live fire
  • Energy-efficient design eliminates harmful smoke emissions while burning
  • Packs down to the size of a 32 oz water bottle for easy storage and carrying
  • Powers most USB-chargeable devices including smartphones, headlamps, and cameras
  • LED dashboard provides real-time feedback on fire strength, fan speed, and power output
  • Can boil 1 liter of water in approximately 4.5 minutes
  • 50% more power – consistent 3W power output from USB port
  • Internal fans circulate air for improved combustion and efficiency
  • Device charging times vary by device
  • Not for indoor use
  • Made in China
stainless steel, heat-resistant plastic
One camp stove, one FlexLight, one stuff sack, one fire starter, one USB cord, and instructions
Dimensions (in packaging)
7.91" x 5"
2.06 lbs
Small Business Support
Sustainable Living


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CampStove 2 - Wood Fueled Generator


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This camping power supply station lets you cook, get heat, and charge devices, too. Using a thermoelectric generator, the CampStove 2 turns twigs, leaves, and other bio matter into heat and electricity. The technology includes an internal fan that injects air flow back into the burn chamber, improving combustion and making your fire burn more cleanly and efficiently—with less smoke.


From emergencies to camping, BioLite’s power supply and lighting innovations bring charging and illumination anywhere. They design every solution to work as well in developing countries as it does here.

Alec Drummond and Jonathan Cedar bonded over their passion for sustainable design, then started on a mission to develop clean, affordable energy. By creating products to take off the grid, they can serve places in the world without reliable access to electricity.

A great example is their CampStove. It turns twigs, leaves, and other biomatter into usable electricity and cooking heat, courtesy of a thermoelectric generator. The energy created can charge your devices via the integrated USB port. Plus, an internal fan helps to produce a cleaner, more efficient burn that emits less smoke.

This technology—cool on your camping trip—is vital in remote countries. There, people often have cellphones but lack access to electricity and heat. They also tend to cook on open fires, which create dangerous amounts of smoke. Just for those populations, BioLite offers a larger version of the CampStove that makes cooking as well as charging simpler and safer.

BioLite believes energy is a basic human need and they’re committed to sharing it with the world. more Their Story