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Rapid Fire Starter Rapid Fire Starter

Rapid Fire Starter

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  • Light BBQs, campfires, wood fireplaces, and just about any other fire
  • Portable
  • Uses butane fuel, which you can normally find at your local hardware store or supermarket
  • Bison Airlighter Fuel has been ultra filtered and tested not to clog the microscopic jets inside the fuel line
  • Safe, CPSC compliant
  • Air-cooling keeps the barrel cool to the touch while operating
  • Airlighter 420: Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Flame ignites your coal instantly and can also be used as a chef torch. Built-in blower provides 60 minutes of blower use with fresh batteries
  • Airlighter 520: USB rechargeable, cable included. Average re-charge from dead to fully charged batteries is about 6 hours. With a full tank of fuel and a full battery, you can expect about 25-40 fire lightings before you need to recharge. If you like to go all the way from cold-to-cooking as fast as possible, then you can expect about 10 fire lightings before needing to recharge
  • Airlighter 520 features a folding handle with three different positions
  • Child safety lock to prevent accidental ignition
  • Please note: Cannot ship to a PO box
  • Made in China
  • Please refer to the side by side feature comparison to choose the Airlighter that is best for you.
Plastic, stainless steel
Use high-quality, non-clogging butane. Store inside at room temperature
Airlighter 420
Expect roughly 10 minutes of burn time if you fill the Airlighter 420 to the max line with Airlighter Fuel
Airlighter 520
Expect roughly 15 minutes of burn time if you fill the Airlighter 520 to the max line with Airlighter Fuel. A typical charcoal BBQ requires about 20 seconds of burn time before switching to fan mode. In fan mode, expect roughly 30-35 minutes of strong fan time when the internal battery is fully charged. A typical charcoal BBQ requires about 1 minute of fan time to be fully lit or about 5 minutes before you are ready to cook
Airlighter 420: 16” x 2.2” x 3"; Airlighter 520: 21" x 3.5" x 3"
Airlighter 420: 1.3 lbs; Airlighter 520: 3 lbs


4 avg. (27 reviews)

In a HOT Flash
12/01/2019 by Charles
I have only used the starter once lightening a charcoal pile to BBQ. It worked just as described. A
what a beast!
06/28/2019 by Tish
I am looking forward to using this up at a guest ranch where I'll be working soon. So far this starter has exceeded my expectations. I will need it to get wood stoves started quickly, the water in the hot tub and the stove in the sauna heating up for guests. I'll continue the review after this trip!
Great camping accessory
06/28/2019 by Grace
Initially I was concerned when I got this, it was very hard to light, the switch was very difficult to honey was getting very agitated because he couldn’t start a fire, and he got lighter fluid. The next morning, we picked it back up to try and use... worked like a charm. Had a roaring fire all day, the air blower was very useful. And of course my honey forgot the charging cord, but it lasted 3 days of camping without dying. We are going camping again, looking forward to a roaring fire again
Good lighter
06/27/2019 by Gerald
I would like to see an improved fueling mechanism but works OK until they work out that improvement.
Fire Power!
06/22/2019 by Paige
This was a Christmas gift for my boyfriend. Should we have guests over and he has to start up the grill or the fire pit, there is always an oooo aaahhh from someone. Most importantly it works well.
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Rapid Fire Starter

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A portable air-driven fire lighter that jets a 4-inch flame, instantly igniting charcoal and wood before delivering airflow to quickly spread flames.

Bison Airlighter

Whether you're trying to light a campfire, charcoal grill, or wood stove, fire-starting can be a time-consuming, smoky, and smelly process. But with Bison Airlighter's super-charged butane lighter, you can go from zero to lit in seconds flat. There’s no need for chemical starters or lighter fluid.

Developed by The Bison Company in upstate New York, the commercial grade Airlighter jets a 4-inch, 2600 degree flame and fans it with pure air, quickly dispersing the blaze throughout a wood or charcoal pile. In less than 5 minutes a smoking hot fire is ready when you are (perfect for getting food on the grill quickly). An adjustable grip and extended barrel make the Airlighter easy to strategically place, while special technology leaves the handle cool to the touch.

With a child-proof lock, integrated LED flashlight and bottle opener, this handy tool will be a favorite essential, indoors and out, all year long. more Their Story

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