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Universal Filming Handle Tripod

Universal Filming Handle Tripod

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Full Details

  • Includes: Universal filming handle tripod
  • Filming Handle Tripod works with all mobile phones as well as SLR and action cameras
  • Strong clamp attachment system allows you to quickly secure your mobile phone
  • Versatile design has adjustable height
  • Compatible with all SLR and action cameras that support a ¼” screw attachment system
  • Tripod will extend to 19.68"
  • Made in China
Aluminum alloy
Clean as needed
2.1"x 5.7" x 7.6"
0.8 lb
Small Business Support


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Universal Filming Handle Tripod


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Grab a smartphone tripod that also works as a handheld filming stick for better photos and movies. The universal design fits any smartphone and some cameras, and is adjustable to get you the just-right height for your shot.

Black Eye

Black Eye lenses came into focus when Co-Founders Eero Ettala and Fredu Sirviö wanted to take higher quality photos and videos on their phones. The pro snowboarder duo loved documenting their adventures, but felt their phones left a lot of room for improvement. They teamed up with photographer Arto Ekman to create a suite of lenses that make any picture a stand-out shot.

From macro (zoomed-in detail) to wide-angle (the big picture) to enhanced portraits, the glass lenses can take any snap in a stunning new direction. Each one pops into a clip that’s a universal fit with smartphones and mobile devices. It’s all about the easy-on-and-off here, so you can concentrate on framing that amazing shot. An adjustable tripod is a great addition for timer shots (or you can use the Bluetooth shutter), and it’s equally as handy when you’re shooting video. more Their Story

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