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Calendar Notepad Stationery Calendar Notepad Stationery

Calendar Notepad Stationery

Made in the USA

Full Details

  • Materials: 80# smooth offset text
  • Includes: 275 sheets
  • Heavyweight paper
  • Paper bound at the top
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 7" x 2"
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs
Made in the USA


4 avg. (13 reviews)

Great Grommet
12/12/2018 by Howard
Great pad, I take notes from media reports and internet news sources. Use these annually
11/11/2018 by Monica
Solid construction, generously sized, and the timeless dating along the top is genius. Well done! I don’t plan to be without this!!!
10/18/2018 by melissa
I work in human services and this pad is extremely helpful when I just need to send a quick note to a client or coworker. And it’s unique and stylish. I really like this!
Needs case/holder
10/12/2018 by Joanne
I agree with the other viewer that this pad should have a holder or case. Was thinking of buying it, but just can't envision a "ream" of paper just sitting there on a desk. I'm intrigued by the quality, but it is a little expensive.
Looking forward to using this
12/05/2017 by Diane
I bought as a gift buy will be using it myself. I am hoping it will help me be better organized. And forget fewer things.
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Calendar Notepad Stationery

One sophisticated notepad lets you move from jotting down lists to penning letters without missing a beat. The thick, high quality paper is Made in the USA and easily doubles as stationery—just fold it to fit perfectly in a business envelope. And an open format calendar helpfully keeps track of the dates, no matter what year it is.

Black Ink

When a sheet from a notepad deftly transforms into sophisticated stationery, it’s one sharp-looking and multitasking win-win.

The thick notepad blocks from Black Ink pull double duty by letting you move between to-do lists and writing letters. Fold a heavyweight paper page to fit into a standard business envelope, and—voila! It’s now fine stationery.

The dense, high-quality notepads are Made in the USA and showcase Founder Patti Black’s signature, classic style. Patti has her own custom stationery boutique that specializes in weddings, so she is the right person to nail the balance between function, quality, and looking fantastic. One of her notepad designs makes a perfect, ready-to-go gift, too—for teachers, hosts, or friends—that will be reached for time and time again. more Their Story