Razor Blade Sharpener

Razor Blade Sharpener

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  • Materials: Silicone pad & ABS plastic shell
  • Sharpening is quick and easy—just a few strokes on the micro-honing, grooved surface will keep your razor sharp
  • For best results, start with a sharp new razor, and use Blade Buddy to maintain sharpness
  • Shave with your favorite blades—keeping them sharp means you'll have to replace them much less frequently
  • Protect your skin from nicks, cuts, razor burn, and ingrown hair by using a sharper blade
  • For both men and women's razor blades—even works with disposables
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.0" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.375 lb.


4.5 avg. (464 reviews)

09/18/2019 by Cynthia
This helps to keep razors sharp for longer...great money saver
02/13/2019 by Hugo
I have been using it for a while now, changing blades multiple times. So they last longer? I am not sure... they certainly don't work "better " in any way
12/29/2018 by Thomas A
I was leery but this really sharpens the blades and saves money.
Extraordinary product.
10/25/2018 by Richard
I have shaved daily for 70 years. I have two Blades Buddies - one for home and one for use on boat and a cabin. I use a Gillette Proglide and am fussy about performance. Believe it or not , I have used the same blade for over a year !
blade buddy
10/23/2018 by Ruth
sharpens pretty well
of 93
Razor Blade Sharpener

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Blade Buddy restores your razor’s sharpness, prolonging the life of the blades. Save money and be more eco-conscious while still getting a close, comfortable shave. Simply swipe the blade on the surface (in the correct direction) several times, and reshape it into good working order.

Blade Buddy

Razors are a grooming necessity, but they’re expensive and short-lived. And each year, about two million pounds of plastic from disposable razors end up in landfills.

After five years of research and testing, Maker Celso Martell invented a simple solution: Blade Buddy. This tool quickly restores sharpness while saving money and helping the environment, too.

Shaving causes microscopic bends in your razor blade that turn the razor dull. Before Blade Buddy, that meant you needed to suffer a subpar shave or throw the razor out before its time.

Blade Buddy re-straightens the blades on any standard razor with a few simple swipes, giving you better, closer shaves for months instead of days. Both men and women can use Blade Buddy and reap the benefits—a better shave, a cleaner environment, and more money in your wallet.
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