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Anti-Nausea Acupressure Bracelet Set

Anti-Nausea Acupressure Bracelet Set

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  • Natural relief in as little as 5 minutes without drugs or side effects
  • Stylish designs are made with breathable materials
  • Great for motion sickness, morning sickness, and other types of nausea such as that caused by migraines, vertigo, and virtual reality gaming
  • Instructions: Can be used before or after nausea starts. Wear one bracelet on each arm for best results. Position the bracelet’s pressure bead on your P6 acupressure point. To find your P6 acupressure point refer to this guide. Wear your bracelets in a way that is snug but comfortable and does not interfere with circulation. You may wear them for up to 48 continuous hours before taking a break
  • Caution: Consult your doctor before wearing them if you have problems with reduced circulation, carpal tunnel syndrome, or neuropathy. While acupressure may be effective on its own or combined with other approaches, do not use it as a replacement for medically prescribed treatment. If you experience swelling, pain, skin irritation, or numbness in your fingers, you should stop wearing the bracelets and consult a medical professional. Keep out of the reach of young children. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
  • Assembled in the USA: Dallas, TX from domestic and imported parts
Polyester & latex band with polypropylene pressure bead
Hand wash and air dry. Rinse after use in chlorinated or salt water. Store out of direct sunlight and high heat
Two acupressure bracelets in a jute drawstring storage bag
Fits wrist circumference less than 5.25”-6”
Fits wrist circumference 6”-6.75”
Fits wrist circumference 6.75”-7.5”
Extra Large
Fits wrist circumference 7.5"-8.5"
Dimensions (each)
Length varies: 2.5"-3.5" x 0.2" x 1"
Weight (each)
0.1 lb
Small Business Support
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


4.5 avg. (7 reviews)

The BEST Compression bands ever!
12/31/2019 by Carrie
I've been living with frequent severe vertigo for 20 years, and medication doesn't help much. These compression bands have helped me like a miracle! I am so grateful!
11/22/2019 by Debbie
I get bouts of vertigo so when I felt one coming on I pulled on my Blisslets and life continued as normal. I am so happy.
Beautiful...and they work!
10/20/2019 by Jill
My wrists are 6 inches; I ordered medium but the bracelets were too small. I exchanged them for small ones and they are perfect. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!
Beautiful...and they work!
10/08/2019 by Jill
My wrists are 6"; I ordered small but had to exchange for a medium. (Great customer service!) These bracelets look like jewelry, feel comfortable and really help me with motion sickness, too!
Feeling Great!
09/16/2019 by Silvia
I had several pairs of Blisslets already, but recently got myself a set of these coordinating blue and teal ones because they're so pretty. I've taken my Blisslets with me on cruises around Alaska and the Mediterranean, and found that they really helped when the sea got turbulent. I also brought them with me to the hospital when I had to have surgery because I always get nauseated with anesthesia. I recommend them to everyone I know!
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Anti-Nausea Acupressure Bracelet Set

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Pull on a pair of motion sickness bracelets for drug-free nausea relief that looks oh-so chic. Each bracelet has a stealthy acupressure bead that triggers the P6 point on the wrist to help ease queasiness from things like motion and morning sickness—but only you will know what these polished-looking bracelets are up to.


Blisslets are the stealthy, stylish, anti-nausea bracelet sets from Katherine and Bernardo Aparicio. Back in 2010, Katherine was expecting her first baby and, like lots of women, experiencing bouts of morning sickness. Although acupressure wristbands helped, the only ones available were unsightly, conspicuous, and ultimately blew her cover before she was ready to announce her pregnancy.

In 2017, when battling morning sickness again, she took the plunge and—in a fitting span of nine months—Blisslets was born. Teaming up with her husband, Katherine turned to medical professionals, scientific literature, and focus groups to test the effectiveness of acupressure. With this background know-how, the duo were able to create a drug-free alternative that’s stylish and comfortable. Pull on a pair to help relieve motion and morning sickness and other types of nausea in as fast as five minutes. more Their Story