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Classic Durable Umbrella Classic Durable Umbrella

Classic Durable Umbrella

by Blunt

Full Details

  • Made for a Lifetime
  • Materials: Fabric: Quick dry polyester
  • 6 ribs
  • Designed in Auckland, New Zealand; Made in China
  • Dimensions: 34" x 47" diameter (opened)
  • Weight: 1.4 lb.


5 avg. (42 reviews)

Fab umbrella ☔️
11/10/2018 by Mary
Well, it didn’t start out all that well. I had ordered the smaller of the two sizes in black. I was sent one in camouflage. Made contact with Grommet and was told, not a problem, we will send you the right one and I was emailed a return label. Before I had a chance to send back the first one, the replacement arrived. Unfortunately it also was camouflage. Got in touch with Grommet again and was told they’d try to figure out what was happening. All this time I was corresponding with Brooke and she was fabulous! She kept me updated on what she was doing, found out that there wouldn’t be any more coming from this company, and offered me a refund or the larger umbrella which was in stock for the smaller ones price. Well, it looked like such a great product so I opted for the larger umbrella. I’m very glad I did. It’s probably better for me than the smaller one would have been. Especially on the rainy days in carpool at school getting kids to their cars. As I said, Brooke was the epitome of what you want customer service to be. I’ve ordered quite a few things from Grommet and will continue to do so. Thank you!
I own 4 of these, nice umbrella's!
09/13/2018 by Kay
I couldn't go back to using any other umbrella again after these. Quality!!!
A Terrific Umbrella
05/20/2018 by Rachelle
I bought the smaller Blunt about a year ago, because i could carry it easily in my bag. But I'm a "big girl", and I found the smaller one sometimes didn't quite measure up. I bought the larger Blunt about a month ago and it is great. Not just because we are having so much more rain here in the Northeast lately, but I am now covered completely by the umbrella. Both of my shoulders stay dry. If you don't want to buy one of those "golf" umbrellas, that seems like they could keep 4 guys dry, buy a large Classic Blunt. You will not be sorry. And I love the carrying case too!
02/18/2018 by Ila
This is a fabulous umbrella. Strong and big enough to shield from rain.
Great product, fantastic customer service
12/03/2016 by Peter
I recently received a Blunt classic. It is a very well engineered product. Thought I have not yet had a chance to use it in windy conditions, given the quality of the materials and the well thought out design I do not anticipate any problems. Most importantly, I would like to thank the Grommet team for their excellent customer support. I experienced problems with shipping of this product, and their support team instantly took care of it. There are not many companies that provide this level of support. Thanks again! Pete B
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Classic Durable Umbrella

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This classic durable umbrella provides an unflappable aerodynamic structure for maximum control, even in the most demanding weather.


This umbrella’s a keeper. It’s strong, stable, aerodynamic, and easy to control, even in high winds. It’s NOT a flimsy excuse for raincover that’s going to wind up in a landfill after the first big gust.

Inventor Greig Brebner, a New Zealander, had many close calls with inverted umbrellas and sharp umbrella tips. At nearly 6’ 3”, Greig tends to be at eye level with bent, twisted umbrella frames. He set to work to give the traditional umbrella a long overdue makeover, working at his kitchen table with a glue gun and some kite material. The rest is history.

Low profile with a tensioned canopy, The Blunt can withstand wind without putting stress on the carrier. The “radial tensioning system” uses double struts and telescopic ribs for a strong, aerodynamic umbrella with no sharp points at the edge. The fabric won’t easily tear away from the covered tips and bystanders (and you) won’t get poked. more Their Story