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Floating Boiling Water Alarm

Floating Boiling Water Alarm

Lets you know when water is boiling Simple design is water activated No more pot watching
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Full Details

  • Water-activated sensors turn device on when wet and off when dry
  • Beeps when water reaches its boiling point, even at high altitudes
  • Top stays cool for safe removal from hot water
  • Suitable for any size pot
  • No batteries required, lasts over 1,000 uses
  • Made in China
Food-grade ABS plastic
Hand wash as needed. Do not submerge in water, always allow alarm to float during use
2.5" x 1.5" diameter
0.07 lb
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2 avg. (7 reviews)

pretty good
01/25/2020 by Dayle
I like this alarm because it does remind me that I have water on the stove. But when you are trying to boil water for say pasta the signal goes off quite a while before the water is actually boiling. So you end up standing there again waiting for it to boil. But again it does keep you from forgetting especially if you get a phone call or some other distraction. Which happens to me often.
Quit after a few uses
01/24/2020 by Suzan
I was pleased with this at first but after about a week of use, it failed to work
01/23/2020 by Melissa
I would prefer that this goes off at a higher temperature. I do love having the freedom to move throughout the house while having water on the stove to boil BUT the beeper is rather low & it boils at a lower temperature if boiling water for pasta.
Does not stop beeping
01/09/2020 by Don
Once it starts beeping and it's pulled out it won't stop beeping for 5 to 10 minutes.
Faulty Boiling Beeper
01/09/2020 by Joe
received the boiling beeper and used it today, washed it off and it had a very low annoying buzz. I dropped it in the pot and the entire time it emitted that annoying buzz and grew louder as the water got hotter. after the water boiled I removed it and rinsed it off and dried it the loud beep did stop but that annoying sound has not stopped in over an hour. I dried it again and no luck. I put tape over the buzzer for now put will be throwing it out.
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Floating Boiling Water Alarm

Lets you know when water is boiling Simple design is water activated No more pot watching
This floating boiling water alarm alerts you when water is ready to roll. Placing it in a pot of water activates it and it will beep once the water has begun to boil, meaning no more watching the pot or water boiling over. Its top stays cool for easy removal, too.


While in college, BoilingBeeper Maker Chris Pesek made a lot of easy meals that often required boiling water. Of all the kitchen tools that sounded when something was done, he noted that there was none that let you know when water was ready and the idea to make a boiling alarm was born.

The simple but so-smart alarm is water-activated and the top stays cool, for ouch-free removal. Just drop it into a pot and once the water has reached boiling temperature, the alarm sounds. There’s no need to check in or worse, watch that pot. more Their Story