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Induction Cooktop & Bowl

Cook and eat from the same dish · Dishwasher safe bowl


The Induction Cooktop & Bowl makes it convenient to cook and eat from the same dish. Each bowl is insulated, dishwasher safe, and features a non-stick coating. Customize your cooking experience with low, medium, and high temperature settings as well as desired cook time. Use the included lid to strain water or to keep your food covered when there's leftovers.

  • Instructions: Place bowl onto cooktop and place food into bowl. Input heat settings by selecting a cooking temperature: L, M or H. Then input a desired cook time. After cooking, use the included lid to strain any liquid from the food contents. If leftovers remain, use the lid to cover and place in the fridge. View the manual for more information
  • Conveniently cook and eat from the same bowl
  • Cooktop provides induction heating
  • Bowl is insulated and dishwasher safe
  • Features a non-stick coating
  • Please note: Do not use the bowl with any cooktop other than the Bonbowl cooktop. Only use the Bonbowl cooktop with Bonbowl cookware. Follow all suggestions and warnings in the user manual
  • Made in China


18 oz of liquid


One cooktop, one bowl, one lid, and one 120 V US plug


Cooktop: 8" x 8" x 2.5"; Bowl: 2.5" x 7" diameter


Cooktop: 3 lbs; Bowl: 0.75 lb


Cooktop: Tempered glass; Bowl: Stainless steel, PFOA free non-stick coating, food safe silicone ring


Hand wash bowl using soft sponge or top rack dishwasher safe. Clean cooktop with wet sponge after unplugging


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For home cooks who live in small spaces, Bonbowl is your bowl and burner all in one. Founder Mike Kobida spent more than a decade living without kitchen amenities in dorms, studios, and even a sailboat. Tired of microwave dinners and pricey takeout, he found himself eating pasta straight from the pot, and thought there had to be a smarter solution to combine cookware with tableware. He went to work on a way to cook healthy meals without a full kitchen. The result is Bonbowl, which uses induction heating so it’s safer than hot plates. It’s more efficient too, with the pot doubling as the bowl—no extra cookware or cleaning required.

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