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Extra Bucket Cooler Lid Extra Bucket Cooler Lid

Extra Bucket Cooler Lid

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  • Materials: HDPE with foam fill
  • Care: After use, leave lid open slightly to allow inside to dry. Wash with warm, soapy water, and let dry
  • Features opening to drain water, keep air circulating, or run aerator line
  • Sturdy, durable and foam-reinforced
  • Can be used as seat
  • Fits standard 5-gallon bucket
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 2 lbs
Small Business Support


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Extra Bucket Cooler Lid

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This tough, durable lid locks in drinks (or bait) to keep things cool and secure. It has a handy reach-in opening, a gasket to drain water or run an aerator line, and a reinforced design that doubles as a spot to sit, too.

Boozie Bucket

With a Boozie Bucket in place on a standard five-gallon bucket, you’ve got a cooler built to make trips on the boat or sitting on the dock better. And it does more than just keep drinks (or bait) cool.

The soft-sided cooler fits over a bucket and instantly makes it more functional. There are pockets for tackle and other gear, and the design is water-resistant and double-stitched to be extra-durable. The reinforced lid has a twist lock, and a draining gasket to run off water, or to run an aerator line to circulate air and keep bait fresh. And this lid is tough enough to double as a seat, too.

It was created for fishing trips, but The Boozie Bucket works just as well for tailgating, camping trips, or hunting excursions—with or without your bucket. more Their Story

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