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Flipped Planter

Self watering │Made with modern design to look and work better │Make plants stand out

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Inspired by the way regular terracotta planters are stacked upside down when not in use, the Flipped planter offers a playful take on a home for your plants. The outer body works as a water reservoir and supplies moisture to the plant for up to a month, so you can spend more time enjoying your plants instead of watering them.

  • Planter regulates the amount of water fed directly to plant roots through the water reservoir‚Äîno need to water plants daily
  • Self-watering planter provides up to one month of watering between refills
  • Perfect for use in your home, office, or kitchen
  • Suitable for all house plants
  • Please note: This planter is designed for all plant varieties, however, plants have different water requirements. If you notice the soil is very damp, reduce watering frequency
  • Made in Thailand


One planter, one internal Slo-Flo irrigation cup. Plants are not included


5.9" x 6.1" diameter


2.2 lbs


Terracotta ceramic


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Boskke Maker Patrick Morris created his signature upside down planter in 2010. We (and many of you) were taken with how striking the planter looked and amazed to learn how it worked. Patrick has continued to rethink planters to make them feel more modern and has found inspiration in everyday items—like a sewing bobbin, or an upside-down pot. A Boskke planter is a striking addition that is also a just-plain smart way to maintain blooms. All the planters are self-watering and can do the plant-caring job for up to a month before needing a top up. Or add a totem watering cone to a plant you already have to keep it hydrated for up to a week. Now all you have to do is sit back and admire how lovely the plant and planter look together.

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