Totem Watering Cone


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This terracotta watering cone works with your existing planters to keep plants consistently watered (and happily growing) for even longer. Soak the cone and insert it into into the soil for a week of self-watering.

  • Materials: Terracotta
  • Instructions: Soak totem with water then fill with water. Push totem firmly into soil in a secure upright position. Refill with water as needed
  • Allows you to add Slo-Flo irrigation technology, which feeds water gradually to a plant's roots, to your existing planters
  • Supplements your regular plant watering for up to a week
  • Great for the home, office, or kitchen
  • Dimensions: Small: 1.1" diameter x 7.8"; Large: 1.9" diameter x 11.8"
  • Weight: Small: 0.22 lb; Large: 0.55 lb

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Doesn’t do anything

6/27/2019 by CHAD

I am disappointed in this product, the water just evaporates or is absorbed immediately. I thought this was spread watering out, but within a day all the water poured in is gone.More > < Less

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Hanging Plants

Patrick Morris from Boskke first created an upside down planter in 2010. We (and many of you) were taken with how striking the planter looked, and amazed to learn how it worked. Patrick is back with an update of his modern design. This time, instead of ceramic he’s using recycled plastic for his hanging planters, but the eye-catching magic is still the same.

Though the plant hangs upside down, there’s no water leakage and soil is locked in place, avoiding any dirty messes. A terracotta watering disc buried in the soil slowly and consistently irrigates the plant. For plants you already have in your home, you can add a totem watering cone to keep them consistently watered for up to a week.

All of that easy, low-key maintenance is topped off with a truly dramatic presentation. Whether you hang an orchid, fern, or even tomatoes, a Sky Planter is sure to turn your decor on its head in the best possible way.