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Bee Natural
Botanical Honeypot Luminary

Handmade in USA · 100% beeswax and fresh pressed flowers

$39.95 – $49.95



  • Made in Athens, Georgia
  • Each Honeypot is all-natural with real pressed dried flowers embedded in 100% US beeswax
  • Each Honeypot Luminary is unique and comes with a hand-poured beeswax tea light candle included
  • Honeypot Lamps (Electric) version includes a 7 watt light bulb and 6' switch cord
  • Honeypot luminaries add a warm glow and real honey aroma to any home or garden decor
Made in the USA


Each Honeypot Luminary includes one hand-poured tea light. Honeypot Lamps (Electric) version includes a 7 watt light bulb and 6' switch cord


5" x 6" diameter


0.75 lb


Beeswax, fresh-pressed flowers


If your Honeypot begins to look cloudy/white, simply use an old T-Shirt or cotton cloth and gently rub to regain a polished look again. To prevent your Honeypot from melting, make sure to place it on an even surface, away from any blowing vents or fans. If burning outside, winds can cause flame to flicker and possibly melt or scorch the Honeypot


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