Insulated Beer Bottle Holder

By BottleKeeper


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Pop a cold one into an insulated beer bottle holder to keep it that way for up to two hours. The neoprene-lined stainless steel koozie locks coldness in and fits most 12-ounce bottles. The tethered lid has a built-in bottle opener and the screw-on base is padded for extra protection. Guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • Materials: 304 stainless steel, neoprene, BPA-free plastic
  • Care: Bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe. Do not wash the cap in the dishwasher. Refer to guide for more care instructions
  • Includes: One BottleKeeper, cap with bottle opener, and tether
  • Instructions: Unscrew the base and cap. Insert your beer bottle and replace the base
  • Insulated to keep your beer colder for 2 hours
  • Fits 99% of 12 oz. beer bottles. See size guide for examples of bottles that fit
  • Cap seals the enclosed beer bottle
  • Base is padded to protect bottle from impact
  • Tethered cap functions as a bottle opener
  • Please note: For 12 oz. longneck beer bottles only
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 10" x 2.75" diameter
  • Weight: 0.53 lb.

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Keeps beverage cold

7/29/2019 by Debra

I purchased two of these for my son and husband. My husband just was able to use it in 115 degrees while at the beach. He was so impressed with the quality of the product and surprised that it certainly kept his beer cold before he was ready to drink it. Would recommend this to everyone.More > < Less


Hubby loves it but wish we had a different size...

6/24/2019 by Corrine

I one for my husband for Father's Day and one for me. It was a hit but his summer beer, Corona, doesn't fit. The bottle is too tall. I would like to see other sizes offered. I'd buy it!More > < Less


Need.update to product

6/29/2019 by Randy

It would be nice if this product could take different size bottles without having to buy other sizes. Maybe they could have different size inserts for different size bottles. Some bottles are fatter which they don’t fit inside (Negra Modelo) for one.
Maybe they could design a Bottle Keeper that unscrews from top to adjust the height of the bottle.

Randy L.
More > < Less


Not much better than regular neoprene coolers

7/1/2019 by Angela

I was really excited when I read about the BottleKeeper. It is a well made and thought out product, but it doesn't keep beer cold for 2 hours or really any better than traditional neoprene insulated bottle sleeves. I noticed it losing coolness within a few sips even when indoors. I really wanted them to work better. It is sturdy and should prevent breaking a bottle if dropped.More > < Less


Needs a better design

6/17/2019 by Randy

This is a good idea, but needs a better design for different size bottles, the cap won’t screw back on with a tall bottle and the strap holding the cap makes it hard to screw and unscrew the cap onto the container.More > < Less

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About BottleKeeper

Cool Brews

BottleKeeper Maker Matt Campbell was at the beach trying to enjoy a cold beer, but the plastic cup he was drinking from did nothing to help keep his drink cool. Inspiration struck and, along with cousin Adam Callinan, he created an insulated beer bottle holder to do the job.

The stainless steel holder and its neoprene lining keep a cold beer chilled for up to two hours. It fits most 12-ounce long neck beer bottles, and even if the lid doesn’t screw completely shut, it will still create a seal. Speaking of the lid, it has an integrated bottle opener. (How perfect is that?)

Down at the holder's base, extra padding helps protect a bottle from drops when you're at places like the beach, by the pool, on the boat, or when you just want to chill in the backyard with a cold one.