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Bougies La Francaise
Handcrafted Woodland Candle

Dripless and smokeless · Charming shapes or classic tapers · Over one hundred years of French tradition

This handcrafted woodland candle brings cozy, forest-y fragrance and charm to your home. The woodsy designs and scents, like pine and cedar, accentuate the candles’ natural properties. Each is dripless, smokeless, and free of benzene and sulfur.

  • Instructions: Burn candle for 1-4 hours to allow perfume to develop in a room
  • Scent top notes: Pine, galbanum, patchouli heart, cedar; Base notes: Lichen, balsam fir
  • Candles are dripless, smokeless, benzene-free, and sulfur-free

Burn time:

Fox burns for approximately 15 hours. Small log burns for approximately 30 hours. Large log burns for approximately 40 hours. Medium pine cone burns for approximately 25 hours. Large pine cone burns for approximately 45 hours


One woodland candle


(varies) 4.1" x 3" diameter - 7.54" x 3.9" diameter


(varies) 0.54 lb - 1.5 lbs


Stearin wax, colorant, cotton wick, forest fragrance


Remove the carbon off the wick and trim the wick at 1 cm after burning


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Bougies La Francaise

Bougies la Francaise was established in 1902 and is now helmed by Francis Clement Devineau. Its blend of traditional methods and modern sensibilities infuses all of its candles, making them a renowned forerunner in the field. The handcrafted, nature-inspired candles add a dose of glowing charm to a space, along with a mix of woodsy scents. Or go for a classic look at the table with elegant taper candles. All the candles are dripless, smokeless, and free of benzene and sulfur while delivering hours of mood-making burn time. Light one to treat the senses, visually and aromatically.