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Cregg 2-in-1 Egg Cup Cutter

Cregg 2-in-1 Egg Cup Cutter

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  • Three uses: Egg cutter, egg cup, and napkin ring
  • Please note: Keep out of reach of children
  • Made in Germany
Plastic, stainless steel
Dishwasher safe
Place on top of the boiled egg and twist it around in both directions. Lift the top off the egg. The egg cutter can be used as an egg cup too
0.5" x 2.8" diameter
0.04 lb
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3.5 avg. (9 reviews)

not worth it
01/04/2020 by a
I thought this looked promising but in reality the "cutter" just makes a slight indentation. One reviewer wrote that it still requires lifting with a knife! In addition, I still have tiny shell pieces to remove. This actually took me longer to get to eating the egg. The cutter is said to be a holder also. By the time I stand it in the "holder" and stabilize it with my other hand, I could jolly well just peel the top and hold the rest in one hand while eating it with the other.
cutting works
11/02/2019 by Anna
The Cregg 2- in -1 egg cup cutter works well as a cutter , however you still need a knife to lift it off. It did not get off with the cutter itself.
fun, fun,fun
11/01/2019 by NC
Aside from being a musical way it make eggs, this is really a great way to make your boiled eggs exactly as you want them.
Works, sort of.
10/08/2019 by Robert
For cutting off the top of the egg, it works. However, I like to scoop the egg into the wide end of a double-egg cup and for this the opening is to narrow.
Adequate for the task
08/21/2019 by Raymond
The egg cup cutter did score and cut the eggshell as advertised, but not as cleanly as expected--lots of little shell pieces.
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Cregg 2-in-1 Egg Cup Cutter

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A doubly useful egg topper. Cregg can cut the top off soft-or medium-boiled eggs, and then can serve as an egg cup when you’re ready to eat. Made in Germany.


Brainstream is the brainchild of Dr. Rupprecht Gabriel, an inventor and electrical engineer. He couldn’t master the one task his family delegated to him in the kitchen—boiling eggs—so he cooked up a smart idea to help himself out.

Rather than focus on time, he turned his attention to temperature, and the BeepEgg floating timer was hatched. It lives with eggs in the fridge and moves straight into the pot with them. Compatible with any number of eggs, and at any altitude, it sings when different temperatures have been reached, ensuring your eggs are perfectly soft-, medium-, or hard-boiled. Ready to eat? Cregg takes the stage as a two-in-one egg cutter and stand. more Their Story

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