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Removable Tile Building Surface - Set of 2


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  • Instructions: Clean off dust particles and dry walls before applying. Peel off backing, select location for tile and press firmly on center and around edges of tile to secure in place. To remove tile, start peeling slowly from a corner, checking to make sure that it comes off gently
  • Can be applied to walls, doors, dressers, refrigerators, and many other smooth surfaces
  • Removable adhesive vinyl backing on tiles allows for reusability
  • Allows kids to build on walls and create designs without damaging them
  • Inspires creativity and increases hand/eye coordination
  • Brik Build is a free tool online to design virtual pixel artwork or browse over 8,000 designs generated by the community for inspiration
  • Compatible with all major building bricks including LEGO, Mega Bloks, and KREO
  • Made in China
Plastic, foam, removable adhesive vinyl
Save removable backing for reapplication later. The more tile is pulled off and onto different surfaces, the less sticky the adhesive will get, try to minimize locations changes. The longer adhesive sits on one surface, the stronger it gets
Two peel and stick wall tiles
10.5" x 10.5" x 2.5"
0.85 lb


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Removable Tile Building Surface - Set of 2


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Transform any flat surface into a toy brick canvas. These building brick tiles are removable and reusable, letting kids create fun designs on walls, doors, or furniture without any worry, or damage. You can also combine them with any building bricks you might have at home (think: LEGOS, KREO, Mega Blocks).
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Brett Miller

Brik Tiles let kids get artistic on virtually any flat surface. The tiles turn a wall, table, door, or almost anything smooth into a pegged canvas they can decorate with their own colorful brick masterpiece.

The tiles are removable and reusable. So you can stick them on walls, furniture—even the fridge door—without any worry or damage. The set comes with its own building bricks, but they’re also compatible with ones you might have at home, like LEGO, KREO, and Mega Bloks.

When they aren’t entertaining kids, Brik Tiles can be used to configure more functional contraptions (e.g., brick clips let you hang drawings or pictures from the tile).

By moving play areas off the ground, parents will appreciate the clear (toy-less) floor space. We think they might even enjoy creating brick installments of their own, too.