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American Flag Cutting Board

Full Details

  • Made in the USA: Brooklyn, NY
  • Made for a Lifetime
  • Reinforced biscuit joints for strength and durability
  • Durable, long-grain construction
  • Featuring cherry and maple stripes with a walnut canton
  • Same ratios as the actual American Flag
Cherry, walnut, and maple wood
Treat once every 2-4 weeks for the first few months with mineral oil or beeswax wood conditioner. Hand wash only, hand dry immediately after washing
9.75" x 19" x 1.13"
8 lbs

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Made in the USA
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American Flag Cutting Board


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It’s a grand old flag . . . on a beautiful long-grain butcher board. This Made in the USA, heirloom piece will be in your family for generations. Brooklyn Butcher Blocks age gracefully and stand the test of time.
Made in the USA
Small Business Support

Nils Wessell

These beautifully crafted edge-grain, long-grain, and end-grain butcher blocks and knife blocks are made in Brooklyn, New York to last a lifetime.

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks has been perfecting its formula since 2010. Maker Nils wanted to construct something so rugged that, with the proper care, could be passed down to the next generation and still look sleek.

Nils's signature Brickwork Cutting Boards stagger stacked blocks so that each one is holding two others together, creating a solid brick wall of sorts. This strong bond reduces the odds of them splitting. Plus, it’s striking to look at.

And even though these boards are made from natural wood, Nils wants to keep up with the times. Their tablet-holding edge-grain board has the same gorgeous, solid construction. Let it hold your device for you, while you follow along with a recipe.

Whether you’re using an old fashioned cookbook, an iPad, or just your own improv dinner-making skills, these boards work wonders in the kitchen, and look great doing it.