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Double Helix Grill Brushes Double Helix Grill Brushes

Double Helix Grill Brushes

Bristle-free and no rough edges Bends and conforms to grates Long-lasting
Made in the USA

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  • Made in the USA: Plattsburgh, NY
  • Material: Plastic handle, galvanized steel stem and springs
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Two entwined springs conform to your grill and won't leave loose bristles in your BBQ
  • Conforms to your grates and grills for quick and easy cleaning. The spring bristle will bend and morph to scrape your grates and grills
  • Lasts longer than traditional brushes
  • Easy to clean
  • Dimensions: 21": 21" x 6.5" x 1.5"; 16": 16" x 6.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.61 lbs
Made in the USA


3.5 avg. (438 reviews)

The best tool to safely clean your grill
12/20/2019 by Marianne
I bought one of these brushes for my use after discovering the many dangerous bristles left behind from conventional wire brushes. It takes some effort, but the peace of mind knowing that the grill is clean and safe to use is worth it! It so impressed me that I have bought 2 more as gifts.
Sorry Brommet,
08/25/2019 by richard
Grommet is easily my favorite site for all kinds of great innovative products in the past 5 years. But this grill brush was the first one I returned. The metal "spool" at the end of the brush simply didn't clean my grill! I thought it was way too hard of a surface to get into the grooves of the grill. I tried it three times over a week of grilling and finally said, "this one's got to go back". Again, sorry but it just didn't perform like I thought.
Worse than Nothing!
08/19/2019 by Allan
This flat out doesn't work. You have to much very hard to get it to go between grill slats but it still doesn't clean either between slats or top of grill. I tried every angle and amount of pressure but can't believe poor results. Have to clean afterward with wire brush,
Great Product
08/05/2019 by Kathy
This is a great grill brush. Takes off pretty much all of the gunk. Would highly recommend.
I use a charcoal grill.
07/29/2019 by Jimmy
I love the way it cleans my meat grill.
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Double Helix Grill Brushes

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Bristle-free and no rough edges Bends and conforms to grates Long-lasting
This innovative, bristle-free brush is a smarter way to clean your grill. The double helix design has two continuous springs to get the grease and food particles off the grill grates. No rough edges to cut you, and no need to worry about metal bristles falling out and getting in your food.


The Double Helix Grill Brush is an innovative way to clean your grill—because it doesn’t have any bristles. Instead, this bristle-free BBQ brush has two flexible-yet-sturdy coils that efficiently scrape the grates.

It’s a safer way to clean. Even the Centers for Disease Control warns grillers about the dangers of metal brush bristles coming off and ending up in your food. The Double Helix Brush has nothing that could become dislodged.

Plus, Brushtech BBQ Grill Brush has a six-inch base that covers more surface area on the tops and sides of the grates. And the long handle lets you grab hold with two hands—which helps you use some elbow grease to clean effectively. When you’re done, this brush is dishwasher safe. Bring it inside and get it totally clean, instead of leaving it outside where it could attract critters and insects.

Brushtech started making innovative brushes like this in 1976. Years later, they still proudly create a line of brushes that are unique, effective, and Made in the USA. This summer, clean your grill better—and more safely—with a brush that leaves nothing behind. more Their Story