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Magnetic Cord Clip Magnetic Cord Clip

Magnetic Cord Clip

Independent Maker

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  • Materials: Plastic, elastomer, neodymium magnet, and steel
  • Care: Wipe with damp cloth and dry thoroughly
  • Keeps cords under control while also maintaining comfortable slack to ears
  • Versatile clip design and removable strap
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Designed to securely clip onto most single-layer clothing
  • Made in the USA with foreign components
  • Dimensions: 1.37" x 2.25" x 0.62"
  • Weight: 0.01 lb.
  • Use caution: Choking hazard; small parts; keep away from small children. Strong magnetic forces similar to those found in Bud Buttons may harm and/or disrupt the performance of electronic, memory, and magnetic devices and objects. Avoid close proximity to Bud Buttons if you have medical devices or implants (i.e. pacemaker or defibrillator)
Independent Maker


4.5 avg. (49 reviews)

10/18/2018 by Elizabeth
This works. I use it all the time.
Love, love, love
07/26/2018 by Karen
Absolutely love this product. I won’t wear my earbuds without it. They hold the cord securely.
Short lived
04/30/2017 by Barbara
I was initially impressed by the design and the possibility of keeping the chord of my ear buds from getting tangled and/or caught on things. Unfortunately, the product only lasted a year. I purchased mine in April of 2016. Here it is April 2017, and my Bud Buttons have given out. First, the larger magnet kept falling out of the silicone end ring. Then the silicone strap between the two end magnets tore completely in two. I can only say how sorely disappointed I am to find that this product lasted only a year.
very useful
04/24/2017 by Beth
Now that I have one of these, I find that I don't want to use my earbuds without it. The cord no longer catches on things while I'm moving around. Also, sometimes I fall asleep listening to earbuds and with earbuds clipped to my pjs, I no longer worry that I'll accidentally strangle myself on the cord.
01/30/2017 by b
If you use headphones not earbuds, then your cord will be to thick and wont fit into the clips. lame. Also the part the magnet attaches to is a large washer! overpriced
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Magnetic Cord Clip

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Buy 3 or more Bud Buttons for $10 each

Bud Buttons magnetic earbud clips keeps your earbuds’ cord securely in place so you can work out, work in your yard, run, or run your business without the wires getting caught on anything.

Bud Buttons

If you like to listen to music but don’t like your earbuds’ cord catching on things, Bud Buttons are about to be your best buds.

This magnetic earbud clip is a simple silicone strap with a strong magnet on one end and a cleverly designed clip on the other. Just slide the wire into the clip, put the magnet inside your shirt or jersey, and your cord stays secure. It won’t flap, drag, dangle, or catch—and your earbuds will stay where they belong.

Bud Buttons were invented by Joe Stauffer, an active dad and runner. But you don’t have to be an athlete to appreciate how securely this earbud clip keeps the wire in place. You can work out, do chores, do your job, chase the kids—anything you want, as tunefully as you like. more Their Story