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Launch & Fetch Dog Toy

Full Details

  • Materials: Ball: Thermoplastic rubber; Bungee cord: Nylon, thermoplastic elastomer; Stainless steel washer
  • Care: Rinse with water to clean
  • Includes: One Bunjiball
  • Instructions: Hold the blue grip between your forefinger and thumb and swing the ball backwards with the cord. As the arm moves forward, the cord stretches and recoils giving the ball momentum. Release the ball between your fingers when your hand reaches your hip. If desired, wind up a couple of times before release
  • Allows you to throw the ball with less effort, preventing stress on the elbow and shoulder
  • Bungee cord and ergonomic grip allow the user to launch the ball 200+ feet
  • Durable and non-toxic thermoplastic rubber ball bounces and floats like a tennis ball
  • Patented anchoring system secures the cord inside the ball
  • Bungee cord is 12.5 inches long
  • Please note: Bunjiball is a fetch toy, not a chew toy
  • For dogs of all sizes
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.75" x 2.75" diameter
  • Weight: 0.5 lb

4 avg. (12 reviews)

Golden Retriever Addicted to Bunjiball
12/08/2019 by Ann
Our two-year-old Golden Retriever lives to play with this ball. Incredibly, she would rather play with the Bunjiball than eat. She often sleeps with it touching her nose. She will take a break from fetch to drink some water, only after depositing the Bunjiball in her water dish, so she can keep an eye on it. We keep several of these on hand, as eventually the cord breaks or wears out. This is from chewing or trotting around with the string clamped in her jaws, swinging it vigorously with joy. We don’t mind, because: For the Love of a Dog. Additionally, the success of this toy is dependent on the exact cord that it comes with. We have tried several similar rope corded balls—they are unusable. The ball itself is very high quality; none are the least bit damaged by a 50-pound puppy who unearthed a 9-foot tree root the size of a forearm. Every cordless ball remains a favorite chew toy daily. Also, the beauty of the Bunjiball is that anyone can throw it long distances with ease. The very young, elderly, those of us with chronic pain or damaged rotator cuffs thank you.
I usually love getting interesting thing from Grommet.
11/01/2019 by Ya Lin
Dog chewed up the string that’s attached to ball within 1 day.
Simple and wonderful
06/29/2019 by Joseph
Such a simple concept and highly effective! A wonderful way to play fetch in a variety of spaces.
Use up some energy.
06/27/2019 by Ellie
This will be a Xmas gift for a 6 month old Miniature Schnauzer. He is full of energy and though we live in Michigan and have snow off and on he still will be able to go out and burn some of it off.
A lot of fun!
06/17/2019 by Michael
I love this product! It is so much easier to throw the ball with the elastic band attached to it rather than throwing it by your arm. More importantly, the dog loves it! Unlike a tennis ball, which he tears apart, this rubber ball is unbreakable. Buy this toy. You and your dog will love it.
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Launch & Fetch Dog Toy

More fun for dogs, less strain for you. This fetching toy can launch over 200 feet (or as close as ten feet) just by swinging its stretchy cord. Dogs get their exercise and you don't have to exert that throwing arm. The non-toxic rubber ball bounces and floats like a tennis ball, but unlike a tennis ball, you don't have to touch anything slobbery‚ you only have to handle the cord.
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Bunjiball Maker Steve Petitt was feeling the wear and tear on his arm from throwing tennis balls for his fetch-loving dogs Champ and Sandy. So this former baseball player came up with a way for the dogs to still get the exercise they needed while giving his throwing arm a break.

The bouncy Bunjiball gets its high-flying go from the strap that can launch it over 200 feet or as close as 10 feet. Just spin the stretchy cord and let it go—you control the distance. There's less effort (and less risk of strain) for you, and the ball can go super far for your dog to chase. Best of all? There's no touching anything slobbery. You only have to handle Bunjiball's cord.