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Minnow Complete Cruiser Skateboard Minnow Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Minnow Complete Cruiser Skateboard

by Bureo

Independent Maker
Sustainable Living

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  • Materials: Board: Recycled fishing net; Eco-Cruiser & Wheels: 30% veggie oil and 100% recycled cores
  • 25" custom skate deck made from Bureo's signature recycled fishing net formula, with gripping scale pattern and split tail
  • 63 mm 78a custom Satori Eco-Cruiser wheels made from veggie oil and recycled cores
  • 129 mm Paris Street Trucks provide a stable ride
  • Premium Bustin Abec 7 longboard bearings & marine-grade stainless steel hardware
  • Perfect for cruising the streets and along the beach
  • Deck includes clever locking system to allow for attachment of user lock
  • Every board is made from about 30 square feet of recycled fishing nets
  • Skate decks manufactured in Santiago, Chile; Complete boards assembled in the USA: Los Angeles, CA
  • Dimensions: 25" x 7.5" x 4"
  • Weight: 5.44 lbs.
Independent Maker
Sustainable Living


4.5 avg. (3 reviews)

broken arm, keep practicing...
06/06/2016 by Kristen
When I was a kid (steel-wheeled wood deck radio flyer skateboards), my Uncle broke his wrist, teaching his kids. My dad, therefore, never let us learn to ride skateboards. We grew up in Southern California. I am not letting fear get in my wy now, and have asked for one of these boards for my 55th Birthday this month! Heck, you could slip in the tub and break your arm! How much fun is that?
Bureo boards
07/26/2015 by Jennifer
My kids love these boards. They're riding the everywhere this summer. Thanks Bureo!
Nice skateboard, but
07/18/2015 by Lynn
Should come with a warning label - definitely not for inexperienced riders - first time on it I broke my arm
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Minnow Complete Cruiser Skateboard

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Made from recycled fishing nets, Bureo cruisers have started a wave of change in the ocean. Every one of these skateboards saves the sea from 30 square feet of fishing net plastic. Bureo's "Net Positiva" program collects nets from fishermen who would otherwise discard them in the water, removing a major threat to marine mammals and ecosystems.


Working in Chile as an environmental consultant, Ben Kneppers saw the immense amount of waste discarded by the Chilean fishing industry. Living in Australia, he and friends Kevin Ahearn and David Stover saw enough cheap plastic skateboards cruising the streets to want to create a better option. Inspired to initiate change, they quit their jobs and devoted themselves to solving both problems with Bureo.

The "Tres Gringos Locos" as the natives call them, set up in Chile to create the Minnow, an eco-friendly skateboard made of discarded fishnets. They established "Net Positiva," Chile's first-ever fishnet collection and recycling program. It gives fishermen environmentally sound disposal points, and Bureo durable raw materials for their boards.

Each recycled skateboard consists of 30 square feet of fishnet, 30% veggie oil, and 100% recycled core wheels. The packaging is 100% recycled, too. To date, Bureo skateboards have saved 10 tons of fishnet waste from entering the oceans.

Bureo even caught the attention of Patagonia who invested through its "$20 Million and Change Fund" which help innovative startups develop solutions to environmental crises.

The name "Bureo" in Mapuche, the language of Chilean natives, means "the waves." Every wave starts as a change along the ocean surface. Bureo has started a wave of positive environmental change, and it's sure to keep growing. more Their Story