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Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Chosen location placed at the very center with a piece shaped like a house
  • Designed using the US Geological Survey mapping, seamlessly stitched together digitally
  • Detailed map shows roads, contour lines, transport infrastructure, water features, vegetation, and notable buildings
  • Millboard map covers an area of 7.5 miles (east-to-west) by 5 miles (north-to-south)
  • Wooden map cover an area of 6 miles (east-to-west) by 4 miles (north-to-south)
  • Made to order and hand-finished by expert craftsmen
  • Scale: 1:26,000
  • Please note: Available countries for the map are the USA and the UK
  • Made in the UK
Paper, ink, 1.5 mm millboard or 2 mm wood
Millboard: 400 jigsaw pieces; Wood: 300 jigsaw pieces; center location piece shaped like a house, box for storage
Assembled: 12.25" x 18.5"
0.9 lb
Independent Maker


4 avg. (12 reviews)

No Picture
10/09/2019 by Gina
Great idea. Love it. No Picture included to follow. Address doesn’t appear anywhere on the box. Still a great idea.
10/07/2019 by Cynthia
I was disappointed in the hometown puzzle. A picture of the puzzle would have been nice. All that came was a black pouch with puzzle pieces inside a black box. No explanation of what is was suppose to be. I even upgraded to the wood. Not worth the money.
Great Gift
09/09/2019 by Lynda
This is the perfect gift for someone who has everything - or when you just don't know what to get. I purchased it for my Dad, who is becoming elderly and happens to love puzzles. He lives on a lightly populated mountain (just a couple of roads in his 5 x 7 mile area) and I wondered if it would be a blank puzzle with a line thru it, but no - it showed all the streams and elevations. He was intrigued and started on it right away. Others at the party knew of people they would like to purchase the same for, so I think it was a hit.
Best small gift ever!
08/26/2019 by Kay
This custom puzzle with my choice of address to be the center of the puzzle was the best gift I have found to delight my nephew and his family. The quality and detail of the map was well beyond my expectations. They could not stop working the puzzle once they started. Now, they are framing it! They said it was so much fun to do and it gave them new places to explore around town that they did not realize were there. Thank you, gentlemen for coming up with such a great item! It is well worth the price!!! The address chosen can be anyplace! It just needs to have meaning for the person it is given to! Love it!
Birthday gift for relative
08/03/2019 by Betty
He liked the map puzzle but had not had time to put it together yet.
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Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

Due to the customized nature of this product, please allow at least 6 days for your order to ship after placing your order.

Hometown puzzles are a charming way to celebrate a special place. Made to order and hand-finished in the English countryside, each puzzle features your address and a house-shaped novelty piece (known as a “whimsy”) in the center. Crafted of traditional millboard or wood, every map is a personal puzzle to treasure.

Butler and Hill

Butler and Hill have been pioneers in map gifts for over 40 years. Founders Ronnie Butler and Roger Erskine-Hill began as cartography specialists, then ventured beyond general map data to commemorate meaningful locations and dream destinations—all in charming collectibles, handcrafted in England’s Devonian countryside.

Pick a favorite location for a map-covered puzzle—available in traditional millboard or wood—then assemble it for hours of reminiscing (and a resulting work of art). Or select your hometown for a personalized map print—no assembly needed. Finally, set your sights on milestones you’ve yet to experience. Jot down your hoped-for travel highlights on smooth wooden tokens, then slide them into the decorative Wanderlist Dropbox. Whether you’re celebrating journeys past or future, Butler and Hill’s maps span the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and The Netherlands—so you have plenty of ground to cover in every piece. more Their Story