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Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

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Full Details

  • Chosen location placed at the very center with a piece shaped like a house
  • Designed using the US Geological Survey mapping, seamlessly stitched together digitally
  • Detailed map shows roads, contour lines, transport infrastructure, water features, vegetation, and notable buildings
  • Millboard map covers an area of 7.5 miles (east-to-west) by 5 miles (north-to-south)
  • Wooden map covers an area of 6 miles (east-to-west) by 4 miles (north-to-south)
  • Made to order and hand-finished by expert craftsmen
  • Does not come with an image of the completed puzzle
  • Scale: 1:26,000
  • Please note: Available countries for the map are the USA and the UK
  • Made in the UK
Paper, ink, 1.5 mm millboard or 2 mm wood
Millboard: 400 jigsaw pieces; Wood: 300 jigsaw pieces; center location piece shaped like a house, box for storage
Assembled: 12.25" x 18.5"
0.9 lb
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4 avg. (36 reviews)

Could be better
01/18/2020 by Linda
I like the idea, but can't figure out why they don't make the effort to print a map to include with the puzzle. A little effort and a tiny expense would result in a huge increase in customer satisfaction. Even though the puzzle is small, and the price is high, In would have given this product a good recommendation if they had included a printed map to uses as a guide.. I have never seen a puzzle without that.
Home town puzzle
01/10/2020 by Michael Woodland
Puzzle came with some missing pieces. Was not able to complete it. Also was not only my home town but surrounding area. Was very disappointed.
01/06/2020 by Rita
I was very disappointed with the puzzle. Our address is barely on the map. There is no picture of the map to use as a guide. Some of the pieces arent even close to the actual location. Will not recommend!
Difficult without photo
12/29/2019 by Abbey
I gave this as a gift to a puzzle lover. When I noticed there was no photo guide I figured not a problem she can just use a map for the outskirts of town she is unfamiliar with. Unfortunately the roads and lines outside of time are not labeled or marked making this puzzle incredibly difficult to complete and not very fun.
You need a lot of patience
12/27/2019 by Mary
I got this for my husband for Christmas. He loved it. It doesn’t come with a photo and there isn’t a lot of color besides blue, green and off white. Not contrast makes it difficult. My husband wouldn’t let me look up where roads are so that made it much harder too. Its also not very big. Photo makes it look larger and font is very small and hard to read. You need very good lighting in the room. I bought one for my sisters family so it will be interesting to hear what she thinks.
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Custom Hometown Map Puzzle

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Shipping Notice

Due to the custom nature of this product, returns are not accepted.

Hometown puzzles are a charming way to celebrate a special place. Made to order and hand-finished in the English countryside, each puzzle features your address and a house-shaped novelty piece (known as a “whimsy”) in the center. Crafted of traditional millboard or wood, every map is a personal puzzle to treasure.

Butler and Hill

Butler and Hill have been pioneers in map gifts for over 40 years. Founders Ronnie Butler and Roger Erskine-Hill began as cartography specialists, then ventured beyond general map data to commemorate meaningful locations and dream destinations—all in charming collectibles, handcrafted in England’s Devonian countryside.

Pick a favorite location for a map-covered puzzle—available in traditional millboard or wood—then assemble it for hours of reminiscing (and a resulting work of art). Or select your hometown for a personalized map print—no assembly needed. Finally, set your sights on milestones you’ve yet to experience. Jot down your hoped-for travel highlights on smooth wooden tokens, then slide them into the decorative Wanderlist Dropbox. Whether you’re celebrating journeys past or future, Butler and Hill’s maps span the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and The Netherlands—so you have plenty of ground to cover in every piece. more Their Story