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Custom Topographic Wall Map

Independent Maker

Full Details

  • Wooden frames made by hand
  • Map with your chosen location right in the center of it
  • Each print measures 18.7" x 14.3" and shows an area of just over 3.5 miles square on a topographical map
  • Personalize it with the first line of the address and postal town
  • Chosen address placed at the center of the print
  • Please note: Available countries for the map are the USA and the UK
  • Made in the UK
Paper, ink, wood
Map and wooden frame
18" x 14" x 0.8"
1 lb
Independent Maker


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Custom Topographic Wall Map

Due to the customized nature of this product, please allow at least 6 days for your order to ship after placing your order.

A hometown map puts your locale at the center of the world. Using your special spot as the focus, this customized topographic map arrives laminated, nestled in a protective handmade wooden frame, and personalized with your address. It’s a distinctive and timeless way to celebrate the place you call home.

Butler and Hill

Butler and Hill have been pioneers in map gifts for over 40 years. Founders Ronnie Butler and Roger Erskine-Hill began as cartography specialists, then ventured beyond general map data to commemorate meaningful locations and dream destinations—all in charming collectibles, handcrafted in England’s Devonian countryside.

Pick a favorite location for a map-covered puzzle—available in traditional millboard or wood—then assemble it for hours of reminiscing (and a resulting work of art). Or select your hometown for a personalized map print—no assembly needed. Finally, set your sights on milestones you’ve yet to experience. Jot down your hoped-for travel highlights on smooth wooden tokens, then slide them into the decorative Wanderlist Dropbox. Whether you’re celebrating journeys past or future, Butler and Hill’s maps span the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, and The Netherlands—so you have plenty of ground to cover in every piece. more Their Story