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Butter Hub®
Butter Dish with Magnetic Lid

Magnet holds the included knife secure · Feet keep butter mess off the table

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  • Butter Hub® is a re-imagined butter dish designed with four clever innovations that make serving butter more convenient for the whole family. The clean, compact, timeless, mid-century design complements any kitchen
  • More than just a pretty dish, a magnet built into the lid keeps the included knife with the lid so you can carry everything in one hand without a knife sliding to the floor. Easily rest the knife on the magnet during use; no more hunting for a knife with this magnetic butter dish
  • Feet extend below the bottom of the lid so that any butter mess on the rim is kept off the table. The extended plastic feet keep your counter clean.
  • Curved ramps help you easily scoop up butter, just slide your knife up the ramp. No more chasing butter squares around the tray. 
  • Easily scrape excess butter from your knife with an elevated scrape edge. Clean your knife and recover butter conveniently
  • The lid’s feet lock into the tray so the lid doesn’t slide around when carried
  • High-quality plastic is dishwasher safe, food-safe, BPA-free, and the bottom tray is microwaveable
  • Please note: Butter can be left un-refrigerated for more than 2 weeks, so we encourage benefitting from softer butter
  • Made in China


Butter dish, magnetic lid, knife


7.25" x 2.5" x 2.5"


0.44 lb


ABS plastic


Dishwasher safe


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