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  • Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set by Butterie - 1
  • Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set by Butterie - 2
  • Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set by Butterie - 3
  • Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set by Butterie - 4
  • Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set by Butterie - 5
  • Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set by Butterie - 6
  • Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set by Butterie - 7

Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set

Full Details

  • Attached flip-top lid never touches butter or counters
  • Durable, shatter-proof design
  • Features hidden back wall for scraping butter spreader clean
  • Designed with wide, easy-grip handles and non-skid base
  • Holds up to two 4-ounce sticks of butter as well as the European-style blocks of butter
  • Butter can stay unrefrigerated for up to three weeks when kept at room temperature (68-78° Fahrenheit)
  • Toaster tongs with serrated grip make it easy to grab hold of toast, bagels, and English muffins. Keeps hands at a safe distance away from the heat
  • Use the integrated oven rack pusher and puller to guide your oven rack safely
  • Please note: Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Made in China
95% BPA-free plastic, 5% silicone
Microwave- and dishwasher-safe; lid snaps off for cleanup
One butter dish with spreader and toast tongs
Butter Dish: 9" x 5" x 3"; Toast Tongs: 1" x 7"
0.64 lb

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Butter Dish & Toast Tongs Set

starting at $15.95
Butter stays soft and fresh on the counter · Blocks air and light · Includes toaster tongs
This countertop butter dish neatly stores butter at room temperature, keeping it spreadable without sacrificing any of its fresh flavor. The flip-top lid blocks exposure to light and air, while a built-in knife rest keeps the included spreader off the counter. There’s even a hidden ridge to scrape the spreader (or a knife) clean on. Use the serrated grip tongs to grab toasted items or to push and pull your oven rack to avoid burning your fingers.
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Butterie™ creator Joelle Mertzel made her own countertop butter dish when she learned that butter doesn't have to go in the fridge, and that storing it at room temperature can enhance the flavor. Before refrigerators existed, everyone kept their butter in a crock on the counter or in a cabinet. Joelle took that idea and improved upon it. Her dish has a flip-top lid that blocks light and reduces the butter’s exposure to oxygen, helping it stay fresh for longer. Butterie™ is compact enough to fit almost anywhere, and sized to hold two sticks of butter. It comes apart for easy cleaning and can go in the dishwasher, too. There’s a built-in spot for resting a knife (or the included spreader) and a hidden ledge for scraping it clean. This reinvented butter dish makes it easy (and cleaner) to have fresh, soft butter always on hand.
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