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Adjustable Corn Peeler Adjustable Corn Peeler

Adjustable Corn Peeler

Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur

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  • Instructions: Place the cylinder with teeth facing down over the top of the cob and press down with the cob resting firmly on a flat surface. Twist the halves of the cylinder counter clockwise to open and clean
  • Blade adjusts to fit different cob sizes
  • Loose kernels strip easily and are caught by attached cylinder
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Please note: Use caution when cleaning the blade
  • Made in China
80% plastic, 15% stainless, 5% TPR
Dishwasher safe
1.75" x 4.75" x 5"
0.3 lb
Independent Maker
Underrepresented Entrepreneur


2.5 avg. (17 reviews)

Only works on small cobs
11/01/2019 by Steven
This is a great idea and works BUT only on narrow corn cobs. The center hole is not wide enough for the cobs we seem to get in markets around where I live so have not been able to use the product unfortunately. We got it down half way once so got some corn off but that's about it. Not recommended unless you routinely get small cobs.
Good product
10/31/2019 by Michael
Works flawlessly. Great product for those wearing braces.
not a fan
10/04/2019 by margarer
Well made, BUT, it is very clumsy to use, hence, very messy
Works OK
09/30/2019 by D
Works better with smaller ears of corn band has difficulty with the ends of larger ears. Container is too small but I am still using it and find it useful.
09/30/2019 by John
Tried it 3 times with butter & sugar corn, but did not work for me. For me, just easier to use a knife.
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Adjustable Corn Peeler


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Strip kernels off an ear of corn in one easy motion with the corn peeler from ButterOnce. A circular steel blade hugs the cob tightly so you get every last kernel. The attached container catches the corn so there's no mess and almost no clean up.


Buttering corn can’t be graceful? ButterOnce begs to differ.

It’s a butter spreader for corn on the cob that slides, glides, and conforms to the cob’s curve—melting and distributing it evenly—so every kernel gets a turn. The beveled stainless steel edge (on either side) cuts and scoops the butter pre-spreading.

Get buttering right the first time and a perfectly-buttered bite every time. All buttered, but don't want to eat off the cob? The peeler strips those kernels right off. more Their Story

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