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  • Campfire Safety Cover Pro Kit by Campfire Defender - 1
  • Campfire Safety Cover Pro Kit by Campfire Defender - 2
  • Campfire Safety Cover Pro Kit by Campfire Defender - 3
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  • Campfire Safety Cover Pro Kit by Campfire Defender - 5

Campfire Safety Cover Pro Kit

Full Details

  • Allows for preservation of fire embers
  • Minimizes wildfires and camping fire pit hazards
  • Protects fire from wind, rain, or snow
  • Blocks blowing ash and smoke
  • Air vent keeps coals warm for an additional eight hours, making rekindling easier
  • Good for backyard fire pits, RV campers, or outdoor survivalists
  • Keeps kids safe from potential injury
  • Keeps camp furniture and awnings clean from blowing ash
  • Can safely cover a minimum of 100 fires
  • Military-grade, extreme temperature fabric
  • Works up to 2500° Fahrenheit (an average campfire is 1500° Fahrenheit)
  • Stores easily and conveniently for transport
  • Batteries for flashlight not included
  • Please note: Not a substitute for properly putting out and covering fire with water/sand
  • Made in China
Woven glass fabric coated with hi-temp silicone polymer
Allow to dry before packing
Kit includes
One 68" x 60" fire cover, eight glow in the dark tent stakes, utility gloves, flashlight, fire stake, and durable canvas carrying bag
Folded: 20" x 16" x 5"; Open: 68" x 60"
17 lbs


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Campfire Safety Cover Pro Kit

starting at $150.00
This large vented campfire cover can keep embers warm for up to eight hours and protect fires from the elements. It also can act as a shield for the surrounding area by blocking blowing ash and smoke, or as an added safety measure on top of extinguished fires. Glow in the dark stakes and a flashlight help make nighttime use easier, too.
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Campfire Defender

Campfire Defender’s tough and durable campfire covers can keep embers warm overnight and protect them from the elements. The covers also can shield nearby areas from a fire’s blowing ash and smoke. When the fire is extinguished, they offer an extra measure of safety, too. If camping isn’t your thing, the covers work just as well with fire pits. A built-in air vent helps keep fires warm while covered. Made from military-grade fabric coated in woven glass with a high-temperature silicone polymer, these covers can handle heat up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit—much hotter than a typical campfire gets. Since they’re so rugged, it’s no surprise they withstand rain, snow, and wind, too.
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