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TouchKlean Touch Screen Cleaner Kit

TouchKlean Touch Screen Cleaner Kit

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  • Instructions: Use the soft brush to remove any dust and debris from the screen and the hard bristle brush to clean any crumbs or dirt from surfaces, see full instructions for more information
  • Cleans fingerprints and oils effectively using carbon cleaning compound
  • Each cleaning pad lasts up to 500 cleanings
  • Great for automotive touchscreens, laptops, iPads, tablets, e-books, and other larger touch screens
  • Made in China
Body: Post-consumer ABS plastic
Use on dry surfaces only
One TouchKlean screen cleaner, one extra cleaning pad, semi-soft carrying case
Storage Bag: 6.25" x 3.85" x 2.12"; TouchKlear: 4" x 1.6" x 0.7"
0.4 lb
Small Business Support


5 avg. (3 reviews)

Works everwhere
10/27/2019 by John
Works Great w Phone and Car Front Console
GOOD thing
10/27/2019 by annie
Kind of a big deal for a simple thing, but since it works and I know nothing else, I'm all for it.
Works like Advertised
10/26/2019 by Keith
Does a great job of cleaning the fingerprints off touch screen.
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TouchKlean Touch Screen Cleaner Kit

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This handy car touch screen cleaner kit easily erases grime, smudges, and dust. Integrated brushes first remove dirt and crumbs, and then a swipe of the molecular-based carbon cleaning compound will leave a screen looking crystal clear, without needing any sprays or messy wipes.


CarbonKlean was created by Maker Daniel Patton from the same molecular cleaning technology he helped develop for NASA to use in space. Back on Earth, Daniel and his team created a version to do the same job on eyeglasses and the feedback was so positive they soon expanded the cleaning scope to include touch screens.

The carbon-based cleaner is compact and easy to keep handy in the car or a bag. Use the brushes to wipe away crumbs and dirt, and then swipe the cleaning pad along a touch screen surface to make fingerprints and smudges disappear. more Their Story