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Litter Box Kit Refills

by Cateco

Full Details

  • For use in conjunction with Cateco® Odorless Litter Box
  • See manual for more information on instructions and use
  • Aerator mesh is tear- and puncture-proof
  • Please note: Aerator: May have to stretch aerator for proper fit. Dry-Pads: No need to add litter on top of the pad. Replace pad as soon as soiled
  • Made in China
Aerator: Nylon; Dry pads: Wood pulp, plastic, SAP
Aerator Refill Includes
2 aerator meshes
Dry Pad Refill Includes
10 dry pads
Aerator: Replace when soiled, there is no need to add litter on top; Dry Pads: Replace every 3-4 days or if soiled
Aerator 2-Pack: 10" x 7.5" x 0.25"; Dry Pads 10-Pack: 7" x 8" x 2"
0.6 lb


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Litter Box Kit Refills

by Cateco

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Reduces litter box odors by up to 86% · Three-tier design · Promotes air flow to stop bacteria
Cateco litter box refills complete the odor-reducing technology and help keep the box fresh. The set includes two aerator refills used to keep litter up top, letting it dry out faster, and ten dry pads that absorb liquids at the bottom of the box.
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The idea behind Cateco is simple: create a litter box that reduces odor while also lessening the maintenance work of owners—a cat and human win-win. This litter box proves that by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria, smells can be tamped way down. The three-tier design holds litter on top of a mesh layer that allows for better air circulation, which promotes litter to dry faster and thwarts odor-causing bacteria from growing. A drip pad at the bottom of the box absorbs odor-causing liquids. This results in up to 86 percent less odor than with a typical litter box. In doing so it also lessens litter use, making complete cleaning less frequent.
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