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Odorless Litter Box Kit

by Cateco

Full Details

  • Best used with high-quality clumping or absorbing litters. Clay, plant, silica crystals, walnut, and corn are acceptable. Avoid large, slow-absorbing wood and newspaper pellets. See manual for more information
  • Clinically proven to reduce odors by up to 86%
  • Aerator allows for airflow while dry pad absorbs excess liquid
  • Use up to 40% less litter than a standard litter box
  • Made in Canada
Charged polypropylene, nylon
Box Kit Includes
Cateco litter box, matching scoop, one mesh aerator, and a pack of 10 dry pads
Fully clean litter box every 3 months, replacing the aerator is recommended. See manual above for more details
22" x 17" x 7.5"
4.5 lbs

4.5 avg. (7 reviews)

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Odorless Litter Box Kit

by Cateco

starting at $79.95


For hygienic reasons, litter boxes are non-returnable.
Reduces litter box odors by up to 86% · Three-tier design · Promotes air flow to stop bacteria
What bad smell? This odorless litter box kit can reduce unwanted kitty odors by up to 86 percent. Its unique three-tier design allows for better air circulation that can dry litter faster, which tamps down on odor-causing bacteria growth. Liquid filters through the mesh tier and is absorbed by a dry pad on the bottom, which means this box needs to be emptied less frequently than traditional ones.
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The idea behind Cateco is simple: create a litter box that reduces odor while also lessening the maintenance work of owners—a cat and human win-win. This litter box proves that by stopping the growth of odor-causing bacteria, smells can be tamped way down. The three-tier design holds litter on top of a mesh layer that allows for better air circulation, which promotes litter to dry faster and thwarts odor-causing bacteria from growing. A drip pad at the bottom of the box absorbs odor-causing liquids. This results in up to 86 percent less odor than with a typical litter box. In doing so it also lessens litter use, making complete cleaning less frequent.
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